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Secrets to Creating Winning Sellers

Outdated playbooks, templated emails, and constant cold-calls: these tired old sales tactics will no longer work to win business, and they hinder sales productivity. To remain competitive in today’s fast-changing business landscape, sellers have to understand and adapt to new buyer behavior and effectively exceed their expectations at every turn. Companies with successful modern sellers know the payoff can be huge: according to CEB, 53 percent of customer loyalty is driven by sales reps offering unique and valuable perspectives.

But in order to create modern sellers, the sales team must have the support of modern tools and training. Without adequate enablement, sellers will lose to more nimble and better-equipped competitors, and high-performing sales reps will leave to join companies that better prepare their sellers to engage modern buyers.

This eBook shares four key secrets that you must know in order to create winning, productive sellers. With cutting-edge research and actionable best practices, it answers the following questions:

  • How have B2B buyers changed, and what do they now expect from sellers?
  • What are the stakes of not implementing sales enablement?
  • What does a modern seller look like?
  • How can you enable winning sellers?

In today’s competitive sales landscape, it’s more important than ever before to prepare sellers to not just meet buyers’ expectations — but to exceed them. Download this eBook today to gain the sales productivity insights you need to prepare your sales and sales enablement teams to create truly modern sellers.

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