Sales Enablement Maturity Report 2022

The third annual Sales Enablement Maturity Report explores how sales enablement teams have matured over the last year to improve sales effectiveness, sales performance, and sales productivity. This report will help you learn how to evolve your sales enablement function to optimize your tech stack and strengthen sales enablement efforts and initiatives to grow revenue and business performance.

Key Findings:

  • Sales Training: Having sufficient resourcing dedicated to the implementation, management, and maintenance of training and onboarding programs improves win rates.
  • Sales Coaching: When sales organizations effectively use data-driven metrics to improve coaching efforts, they report higher quota attainment rates across the entire sales team.
  • Sales Content Management: Organizing content messaging and templates in a central repository with automation leads to a better rep experience and faster sales cycles.
  • Sales Rep Guidance: When the sales process, plays, and playbooks are structured to drive tangible business results, organizations report improved win rates.
  • Buyer Engagement: When enablement processes help reps cultivate personalized multi-channel experiences, buyer engagement improves.

Download the full report to learn how to mature your sales enablement strategy and build your 2023 roadmap today!

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