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Webinar: Fire Up Your Sales ROI by Thawing the Frozen Middle

Sales leaders are constantly focused on attaining revenue goals. Sales rep effectiveness is a huge factor in this pursuit. While sales leaders strive to optimize pipeline generation, average deal size, average sales cycle, and quota attainment, the majority of their teams fall short or barely meet their goals.

Solving this lack of effectiveness requires sales leaders to thaw the frozen middle — that is, turn their B performers into A performers.

In this on-demand webinar, SiriusDecisions and Highspot discuss:

  • What are the key reasons sales teams fail to meet revenue goals
  • What is a high performer and how do they behave differently
  • How to drive scalable and lasting change to achieve quota attainment for the masses
  • What role technology plays in converting core performers into high performers

Learn why improving sales effectiveness should be a top priority for all sales leaders who want to meet their revenue goals.


heather cole, service director of sales enablement strategies, siriusdecisions

Heather Cole
Service Director, Sales Enablement Strategies

jake braly highspot

Jake Braly
VP of Marketing

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