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2017 Gartner Market Guide for Digital Content Management for Sales

The market for sales digital content management platforms is maturing rapidly and getting crowded. Gartner has seen steady evolution over the last two years driven by companies’ need to continually improve sales execution and has created this report to make it easier to get the lay of the land. Gartner regularly speaks with clients seeking ways to get better value from their sales technology spend after their sales force automation (SFA) investments failed to live up to their expectations. In this report, Gartner ranks 19 sales enablement solution providers based on their ability to offer several must-have digital content management features.

Leaders frequently tell Gartner that SFA tools do not do enough to make it easier for representatives to do their daily work. Digital content management solutions cover a wide set of sales execution needs. Buyers select these solutions to meet at least one of the following objectives:

  • Sales leaders require solutions that bring sales content directly into the opportunity management process, offering both content recommendations and next-best-actions suggestions. SDRs and partners also need to have quick access to the right content in the right context.
  • Content creators (typically in marketing and sales enablement functions) need to track the use of electronic sales aids during sales presentations and throughout the rest of the sales process to measure effectiveness and meet regulatory requirements.
  • Managers need to monitor how their representatives use sales content in order to affect outcomes.

With this Gartner report, you’ll discover the key digital content management offerings out there and have the knowledge you need to make sound investment decisions.

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