Find out the top three ways enablement teams help boost business outcomes with the Sales Enablement Analytics Report. 


Forrester The Democratization of B2B Sales

In difficult economic times, B2B sales executives often face the challenge of needing to hit aggressive revenue targets with a diminished workforce. This report from Forrester will show you how to transform your sales strategies and optimize your revenue teams to meet the needs of current and future buyers.

forrester the democratization of b2b sales

This report shares how to:

  • Put buyers first – Instead of focusing on a one-time sale, sales strategies that are personalized to buyers’ needs and add value throughout the buying process will inspire loyalty and ultimately earn a long-term customer
  • Leverage teamwork – Sales success is no longer dependent on a single person closing a large deal; inside and field sellers, customer success, and other post-sales teams are all involved in hitting revenue targets
  • Prepare your sales team for a different selling landscape – Audit your sales tools, ensure all revenue teams have access to enablement tools, and rethink traditional sales hierarchies to activate more employees to impact revenue
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