Forrester Building the Business Case for a Modern Sales Enablement Toolset

In the recent report Building the Business Case for a Modern Sales Enablement Toolset, Forrester looks holistically at three tools — sales engagement, sales enablement automation, and sales readiness.

Their research found that only 5% of B2B companies have fully mature sales enablement practices, and only 9% say they are optimized around placing buyers at the center of their sales enablement strategies.

forrester building the business case for a modern sales enablement toolset

The study found many significant benefits and positive business impact for companies that invest in modern sales enablement, such as:

  • Marketers get a better partnership with sellers
  • Sales reps spend less time on non-selling activities and have more time for high-value activities
  • Sales leaders benefit from productivity gains and an average 20% lift in commercial results
  • Buyers experience more meaningful interactions

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