Webinar: Empower Sales Teams to Customize Content for Greater Success

Tuesday, September 27th 2022

How easy is it for your sales reps to edit content and share the final client-facing version with both marketing and sales colleagues?

On-the-go, flexible content editing is critical for sales team success, but if your organization is like most, it’s easier said than done.

Most sales reps like to personalize content provided by marketing for each customer to make it more relevant, which usually means at least the following steps:

  • Downloading the presentation from a content repository
  • Making the necessary customizations
  • Saving the file on their local hard drive
  • Uploading to presentation software or email client
  • Presenting to the client via the file saved on their hard drive

Unfortunately, this generally-accepted process wastes a significant amount of time and breaks any version control and performance tracking efforts.

A Sales Enablement solution with “one-click” document and presentation editing with Microsoft Office 365 integration essentially eliminates all of these issues. It also provides unparalleled visibility into the content sales shares with prospects so you can understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to closing the deal.

Watch this 30-minute on-demand webinar for an overview of the importance of flexible, on-the-go editing for sales team efficiency. We’ll cover a short overview of Sales Enablement and spend the bulk of the session demonstrating real-world scenario-based solutions.

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