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Lenati (now PK) sees significant gains in efficiency, adoption, and business value with Highspot.

Key Results
  • Thousands of pieces of content are organised and up-to-date in a flexible platform
  • Sales reps gain hours per week back they used to spend looking for content
  • 90% of sellers use Highspot each month
  • Sales conversion rates are up year over year
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Challenge: Too Many Content Management Systems

A fast-growing marketing and sales consulting company serving clients across North America and Europe, Lenati (now PK) serves as a valued advisor and collaborator to companies looking for customer-focused solutions and best practices in marketing and sales. The company takes pride in its analytical rigour, sales and marketing expertise, and ability to understand and meet clients’ needs, but attempts to organise client and internal assets had led to content chaos.

Lenati needed a dynamic, efficient, intuitive solution to organise and consolidate all of that content.

Working to tame sales content was nothing new for Lenati. The company and its clients had tried numerous approaches to rein in content and ended up with several sprawling, poorly organised repositories. Content was spread across multiple resources, including the content tab in Salesforce CRM, SharePoint portals, and cloud file systems like Box and Dropbox. And that wasn’t the worst of it. In some geographical areas, teams adopted their own, home-grown solutions to content management, which further complicated matters.

With thousands of poorly organised pieces of sales content, sellers found it difficult to locate or search for assets. Lenati needed a dynamic, efficient, intuitive solution to organise and consolidate all of that content. Ease of use was an important focus for Lenati and its clients as well, since many previous solutions had failed to gain client adoption.

Marketing also had a significant stake in the search. Maintaining strict version control to manage content in multiple languages was critical for that department. They also wanted better insight into sales content performance so they could fine-tune and optimise their efforts.

With these requirements in mind, the search began for an intuitive, enterprise-ready sales enablement solution that would consolidate all of Lenati’s sales content and provide insights that would help them track and improve collateral.

Lenati helps companies across many industries optimise their marketing and sales initiatives. Highspot transforms how our clients connect marketing, sales, and customers to win in the marketplace.

Jen Winter, Managing Partner, Lenati
Solution: Highspot Combines Content Management and Analytics

Lenati wanted to get sales enablement right this time and solve the problems caused by having many disparate systems for managing content. The company carefully evaluated the full spectrum of sales enablement platforms and eventually chose Highspot. Highspot provided both strong sales content management and best-in-industry analytics. With Highspot, Lenati trusted that it would be able to efficiently optimise its own sales content and processes and in turn extend that value to its clients.

In this way, the solution that fit the requirements for Lenati’s internal operations also provided an ideal recommended solution for their clients.

Results: One Flexible Platform for Content Drives Business Value

Thanks to the Highspot implementation, Lenati was able to quickly organise all marketing, sales, services, and support content with one flexible platform. Content is now easily searchable and readily accessible in Highspot and Salesforce via mobile and desktop.

The benefits of consolidating and organising volumes of content have been tremendous. Sales can now easily locate needed content and feel assured that what they find is the latest version, ready to share with clients. With semantic search, Salesforce CRM targeting, and well-organised content, Lenati’s internal teams and clients estimate that their reps save hours per week finding content. Multiplied by thousands of reps, this adds up to significant savings.

The efficiency gains, combined with high usage and adoption rates, have yielded significantly higher sales conversion rates year over year.

The Highspot system provides ease of use and ensures quality of content, which has led to high adoption by the sales team, with more than 90% of reps using the platform each month. In surveys, sellers express a very positive opinion of Highspot’s impact. A full 90% said that Highspot is significantly helping them get their jobs done. The efficiency gains, combined with high usage and adoption rates, have yielded significantly higher sales conversion rates year over year.

Marketing is benefitting alongside sales. With strong rep adoption, marketing has gained solid insights into what content is getting used and adopted by sales and which assets are successfully engaging prospects. The benefits are twofold. Marketers gain the information they need to optimise assets, thereby driving more effective sales engagements. The marketing team can also identify and drive awareness of under-utilised assets where needed.

The success of Lenati’s internal implementation has led the company to create a strong relationship with Highspot, and the two companies have partnered on successful, multinational enterprise implementations. After implementing Highspot, Lenati uses analytics to help clients optimise their content and pitches based on rep usage and customer engagement, thereby delivering significant business value.

We had been using another content storage solution that simply housed all of our key content. We were struggling with version control and what was current and when should content be used. After conducting our due diligence, we identified Highspot as the tool that would enable us to improve our sales effectiveness and increase productivity. We now have tight integration with the marketing team and the ability to quickly source the needed content and send to our prospective customers.

Dailah Lester, Sales Strategy Manager, Lenati
Dailah Lester

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