How FedEx Office Increased Buyer Engagement by 22%

From crisis to opportunity, FedEx Office accelerates digital transformation.

Key Results
  • Improved buyer engagement by 22%
  • Increased publisher productivity by 60%
  • Drove 88% improvement in content efficiency
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FedEx Office is a Global Delivery Services Company Headquartered in Dallas, Texas

As one of its key business segments, FedEx Office provides a one-stop shop for copying, printing, marketing, office services, and shipping needs for individuals and businesses. The FedEx Office team turned to Highspot to help unlock its vision of digital transformation. In doing so, it unexpectedly played a critical role in helping FedEx to enhance productivity amidst a global crisis and economic uncertainty. By harnessing the intuitive, integrated sales enablement platform, the FedEx Office team efficiently navigated the challenging landscape, positioning them to thrive no matter what came their way.

Sales operations were fragmented and relied on manual reports and processes, even with a consistent CRM experience.

Jeff Fedro, Sales Channel Support Manager, FedEx Office
Jeff Fedro

Addressing Sales Workflow Challenges

Business complexity and digital-first buyer demands require a unified tech stack for success. As FedEx began to see a shift in the market toward digital buyer experiences, it realised that its existing fragmented solutions significantly impacted workflow efficiency. Without a CRM-integrated sales enablement platform, sellers struggled to navigate disjointed tools and became bogged down by manual processes, getting in the way of their ability to effectively engage with buyers. “Sales operations were fragmented and relied on manual reports and processes, even with a consistent CRM experience,” said Jeff Fedro, the sales channel support manager at FedEx.

As a mature company that supports millions of businesses around the world, FedEx needed an enablement solution to help reps keep up with evolving buyer preferences and chose to invest in Highspot. Just as the team was getting ready to launch Highspot, crisis struck with the onset of the global pandemic. As businesses across the globe had to navigate unprecedented disruptions and economic uncertainty to quickly adjust to unknown circumstances, FedEx was no exception.

The launch of Highspot was what I would call the best of the worst of times. We launched in December, just before the pandemic, which forced us to rapidly transition into a digital experience.

Jeff Fedro, Sales Channel Support Manager, FedEx Office

Ahead of the Curve

The decision to invest in Highspot came at just the right time for FedEx. “We maintained a consistent buying experience, even when the world turned upside down,” shared Fedro. While the enablement team initially expected hesitancy to adopt the tool among its many experienced reps who were resistant to change, the implementation of Highspot had the opposite effect. Having real-time visibility into customer interactions and deal progress through seamless integration with Salesforce quickly convinced reps of the value of Highspot, making them eager to adopt the new solution. “With Highspot, they could visually see customer interactions and impact on deals,” said Fedro. “They were convinced because, previously, there was no way of knowing whether an email had been received. With Highspot, we can see it in action!”

Further, Highspot’s Pitch capabilities helped drive adoption by providing a compelling way to engage buyers digitally and saving reps time. For example, through Pitch Styles, sellers develop digital sales rooms (DSRs) that connect them with buyers to convey value in an engaging way. This allows FedEx’s reps to instantly personalise and pitch a microsite with key information and content for buyers to reference throughout the deal cycle. These features improved buyer engagement by 22%.

In the digital buying world, and especially amidst economic turbulence, being able to easily pitch and instantly gain insight into pitch performance, opportunity details, and buyer engagement became an advantage for FedEx’s reps. “Buyer decision-making begins early in the search process. By the time we get involved, decisions are already in motion,” explained Fedro. “We need to get our foot in the door early, establishing ourselves as trusted advisors rather than focusing on a hard sell. With the DSR, we can do just that – present content intuitively to engage and educate prospects as a deal progresses. Whether they buy from us or not, we want them to trust that we have their best interests in mind. We establish ourselves as experts and set up opportunities for discussions.”


Trusted Advisors in Action

The result? When reps are equipped with an all-in-one, integrated sales enablement solution that offers actionable insights and personalised engagement, they can improve the buying process at every stage. By driving an 88% improvement in content efficiency, FedEx equipped sellers to quickly demonstrate value to buyers. This helped FedEx reps become trusted advisors upfront, immediately enhancing customer engagement. The impact on productivity was evident across the entire organisation, from teams publishing content into Highspot to sellers leveraging Highspot to better engage modern buyers.

With the platform increasing publishers’ productivity by 60%, we saw an immediate impact on their ability to perform their job effectively. In terms of impact on sellers, Highspot enables strategic conversations with the customer in the moment, allowing us to deliver meaningful value at every step of the sales journey.

Jeff Fedro, Sales Channel Support Manager, FedEx Office

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