Sell Smarter With Sales Enablement Analytics Software

Boost ROI with metrics that enable fast, efficient decision-making.

Discover Which Sales Strategies Are Working

Take advantage of scenario-based scorecards to measure how sales activities influence business outcomes, like revenue and win rates. Our sales enablement solution, powered by AI-driven Engagement Genomics,™ integrates engagement data with your customer relationship management system, helping you understand every detail of your sales cycle.

Track Buyer Engagement

Use automation to tie sales conversations and outreach to CRM records and get notified when buyers are engaged, so you know what does (and doesn’t) work—no manual effort required.

Create High-Value Sales Content

Consistently build the right content, case studies, and templates using data on how sellers use content, what types of content and messaging engage buyer personas, and if it influences revenue.

Maximise Sales Productivity

Benchmark top-performing salespeople against other team members to track team performance, identify skill gaps, spot key coaching opportunities, and reinforce behaviours that close deals.

Make Quick, Data-Driven Decisions With Powerful Dashboards

Highspot’s sales enablement platform provides customisable Scorecards that unify and distill data across sales content management, sales training, onboarding, and engagement so you can see how your initiatives are working, spot red flags early, adapt in real-time, and stay on path to achieve goals.

Get At-A-Glance Insights

Go-to-market teams can track and evaluate enablement analytics in real-time to create better sales processes and deeper customer experiences that move leads through the sales funnel.

Audit Workflows at Scale

Sales enablement teams can use Reports and Scorecards to drill down and take bulk actions, including: archiving content, sending feedback, and more, effectively keeping your sales strategies on track.

Configure All-In-One Reports

Combine data from various systems using our data lake, including your BI tool, CRM, and other business applications for a complete picture of how your sales organisation is performing.

Scale Coaching Efforts With Valuable Insights

Highspot is the best sales enablement tool for providing effective sales coaching–at a massive scale. Using team-based scorecards, conversation intelligence, AI-powered feedback to rubrics, and machine learning algorithms, you can understand how sales reps are landing messaging, initiatives, and skills in the real world.

Eliminate Knowledge Gaps

Quickly drill into meeting recordings, transcripts, speaker tracks, AI-generated summaries, and more to understand how effective sales professionals are in meetings and better mentor them.

Supercharge Sales Readiness

With real data on sales readiness, managers can ensure their sales teams are prepared to engage buyers, sell in any scenario, and close every deal.

Replicate Winning Behaviours

Rep Scorecards help managers dive deep into individual seller behaviour, so managers can see and provide 1:1 coaching on which content, sales plays, training, and call techniques influence positive outcomes.

Having the Right Sales Enablement Analytics Enables You to Win

Maximise Revenue Impact

By seeing which initiatives are working, and which aren’t, through real-time KPIs, sales leaders can refine sales operations and strategies–before the end of the quarter.

Make Smarter Investments

Instead of relying on fragmented customer data, use comprehensive, outcome-driven insights to make more informed decisions and ensure you’re equipped to react to changing customer and market trends.

Prove Enablement Impact

Highspot’s sales analytics show customers generate a 14% increase in pipeline generation. Measure and prove enablement’s impact on the sales pipeline using sales enablement software you can count on.

Ready to Power-Up Sales Enablement Intelligence?