How Glassdoor Achieved Recurring Usage of 87%

Glassdoor switches to Highspot to simplify the user experience and secure executive buy-in on the value of enablement.

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As its name implies, Glassdoor has worked diligently to encourage meaningful knowledge sharing across its entire organisation. Glassdoor offers a platform for radically transparent discussions on pay equity, discrimination, and other vital topics at every level of the employment lifecycle, from job seeking to employment. Its supportive environment is made possible by a staff of hundreds working in two locations and a sales enablement team focused on the simplification and delivery of the Glassdoor core message. After implementing the Highspot unified enablement platform, its team succeeded in channelling Glassdoor’s message and culture to better support stakeholders.






Sporadic Knowledge Sharing Challenges Efficiency

Glassdoor employees are proud of the company’s knowledge-sharing culture and eager to share what they know about products, processes, and systems with peers. With its previous system in place, however, this valuable knowledge would often get lost in private discussions, limiting visibility with the broader organisation. Additionally, this peer-to-peer sharing led to issues where outdated resources could circulate without individuals being able to easily validate that they had the latest and greatest version. To help improve efficiency for reps and ensure accuracy, the enablement team at Glassdoor knew they needed a robust enablement platform that could support this culture of collaboration.

Responsible for supporting both the sales and customer success teams, Glassdoor’s enablement team operates with the mantra of simplify and deliver. As such, the team sought a solution that could help them reduce complexity in sales workflows and enhance the user experience. Streamlining information and processes with a single source of truth was crucial to facilitating a better and more efficient user experience.

We work asynchronously a lot now, but our goal in simplifying is to take complex information that comes across the organisation and really condense it down for our sales and customer success teams so they know exactly what they need to do and it’s maybe one or two steps.

Julie WolfeDirector of Global Revenue Enablement, Glassdoor


A Single Source of Truth Simplifies User Experience

Glassdoor knew that switching to Highspot was critical to help deliver on its goal of a streamlined user experience for its sales and customer success teams. In the team’s highly virtual and asynchronous work environment, having accurate, pre-approved resources in a single platform was essential. After they set up Highspot, the team worked diligently to upload and intuitively organise all approved content, which immediately increased accessibility and led to 88% content findability. “We’re really pushing people back to the source in Highspot to know that is the one that’s been approved by marketing, approved by legal, and is the right document to be sharing,” explained Julie Wolfe, the director of global revenue enablement at Glassdoor.

Importantly, reps don’t have to dig to find the information they need in Highspot. For example, Wolfe and team leverage a weekly newsletter to push reps to critical resources in Highspot, such as content to reinforce training programmes. Once in Highspot, Wolfe also leveraged SmartPages to design tailored Spot overviews and Sales Plays that guide reps toward the right materials for their role. In fact, these efforts have helped lead to 50% Play adoption across the company.  

In addition to being accurate and easy to find, the enablement team is working diligently to ensure content is also visually appealing to keep reps engaged. “We’ve added things that make the content come to life,” explained Wolfe. “Our reps don’t have time to read a long document full of processes – they need a quick video that explains things and sits right on the page that explains the product. This simplifies the user experience for our teams.”

To further reduce complexity and simplify the user experience, Glassdoor implemented strong governance standards. For example, Wolfe and team conducted an audit to archive outdated content, a task that was easily executed using Highspot’s robust insights. This immediately improved content governance and helped facilitate a more self-service approach for reps. This centralised, organised platform has helped provide a vehicle to grow Glassdoor’s knowledge-sharing culture, leading to an 87% recurring usage rate of the platform.

When reps click into Highspot, essentially, they’re getting a very well-crafted, narrated experience of where to go to find all the information that they need.

Julie WolfeDirector of Revenue Enablement, Glassdoor


Gaining Buy-In for the Value of Enablement

A more efficient and streamlined user experience has helped make reps more organised, allowing them to do more in less time and better collaborate cross-functionally. As a result, Wolfe has been able to reinforce and begin to realise the team’s strategic vision for enablement at Glassdoor: “Simplify the user experience, simplify the content, simplify the asks, and then help our teams deliver.”  

 With the ability to demonstrate how her team has significantly improved the user experience with this strategic approach, Wolfe has been able to secure buy-in from executive leaders on the value of enablement for the business. “When I could show all the statistics about our usage, all of the content, and the design and the look and feel, I had converted that leader,” detailed Wolfe. As it looks to the future, Wolfe plans to continue innovating and optimising her enablement strategy in partnership with Highspot. “I want us to keep thinking about how we can take everything that Highspot can do and really be fully utilising it,” explained Wolfe.

Highspot makes us more organised and makes us think in a more organised way, which helps us be better cross-functional partners.

Julie WolfeDirector of Revenue Enablement, Glassdoor

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