How NTT Boosted Quota Attainment by 16%

NTT achieves cohesion across global teams and optimises scaling after rapid growth with Highspot.

Key Results
  • 16% increase in quota attainment
  • 90% increase in training completion
  • 77% of content is well governed
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As a top global technology and business solutions provider delivering services to thousands of organisations in over 190 countries, NTT understands the value of a technology solution built for growth. After rapidly scaling from and growing its employee base, it needed an enablement solution equipped to operate at scale. Searching for a platform to unify its sales processes, NTT chose Highspot, confident that the platform could ease the challenges that emerged alongside its growth.


Growth Reveals Gaps in Existing Processes  

After undergoing significant organisational change, NTT began to notice process gaps in its existing programmes. With sellers operating in 190 countries, NTT knew its first priority was to better account for both its global and region-specific content. Lacking an enablement-supported governance strategy, NTT struggled to oversee its global content repository and understand how it was leveraged by its thousands of sellers. As a result, sellers lacked clear direction and lost motivation. “Our sellers are just tired. They don’t know where to go, what to do, or how to make their numbers,” noted Natasha Luyt, group sales enablement director at NTT.  Limited adoption of enablement programmes paired with a lack of content cohesion meant that sellers were operating without alignment, risking inconsistency in the buyer experience. 

NTT had grown considerably — its enablement team knew they needed to evolve with it. After experimenting with several solutions, they realised that they needed a dedicated enablement partner in order to mature their strategy. “We were grappling for two years about how to solve this problem,” said Luyt. “For us, the solution was easy: We had to invest in Highspot.”

Within NTT, we have a global portfolio of services, but we also have important regional service offers that need to be incorporated within that. We needed to build out those areas for content usage to ensure content was found relatively quickly and that the content was being managed in such a way that it was consistent, accurate, and easy to retrieve.

Lynton Steyn, Senior Manager of Sales Systems of Engagement, NTT
Lynton Steyn

Achieving Consistency with a Unified Platform

Using Highspot, NTT’s enablement team gained the necessary insight to successfully reengage its sellers. With Reports and Content Scorecards, they could see which content was being used and how. They also implemented governance features like Spot and Usage Policies to control how content was published and managed over time. With clear governance and usage policies, NTT increased its rate of well-governed content to 77% and crafted region-specific content repositories designed to standardise what good looks like at both global and regional levels. 

Next, NTT turned its focus to findability, using Search Reports to surface the content reps need in the moments that matter. “I pay close attention to the Search Reports,” explained Steyn. “Based on those key phrases, I can start using the promoted search features within Highspot to make sure that the content that I wish my sellers to get to is being surfaced up front.” While these small-scale insights improved content management, they also helped build reps’ confidence in Highspot as a single source of truth. With reps bought into the platform, NTT’s enablement team began using Sales Plays to drive alignment.

Harnessing Highspot’s unified platform, NTT’s enablement team could more easily administer their training programmes and enablement initiatives — all of which lived within sellers’ daily workflow. With essential guidance at their fingertips, NTT’s sellers began to engage with enablement programmes, helping them deliver high-quality and consistent buyer experiences. “With Highspot, it’s all in one place,” said Luyt. “There’s no confusion, no ambiguity.”

Through Sales Plays, we’ve really given our sellers prescriptive guidance. It’s short, concise, and to the point, so they can find what they need in the moments that matter. With Sales Plays, we’ve seen an 80-90% increase in training completion. 

Natasha Luyt, Group Sales Enablement Director, NTT
Natasha Luyt

Catalysing Continued Growth Through Global Alignment

From the outset, NTT sought to achieve global alignment. With Highspot, it gained an enablement partner prepared to help it do so. From increasing content findability to 90% to crafting a single source of truth for sellers, Highspot’s comprehensive sales enablement capabilities helped the team resolve its process challenges while directly impacting revenue outcomes.

After seeing the impact on rep engagement, NTT is excited to deepen its partnership with Highspot and eagerly anticipates upcoming capabilities that will further its efforts to create sales consistency across the globe. “Something that we got a bit of a bird’s eye view of recently was looking at Meeting Intelligence, which is, for us, a wonderful mechanism to improve our coaching with our sellers,” said Steyn. “I’m looking forward to that a lot.”


Since our journey with Highspot, we’ve seen a remarkable 16% increase in our quota attainment of our sellers. It’s been a tough year for them — all this transformation, all this change — but we must be doing something right.

Natasha Luyt, Group Sales Enablement Director, NTT

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