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Transforming the Way Millions Work – in EMEA and Beyond

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Occasionally, an opportunity presents itself that intuitively feels right. And when that opportunity promises to disrupt a market, and when the people you meet are smart, energetic, and passionate, and when the company is deeply aligned around an inspiring vision, you jump on board – quickly!

Joining Highspot as the new managing director of our EMEA operation felt like discovering a family I didn’t know I had and being immediately welcome. Alignment is an oft-used word that has lost some of its meaning through years of corporate messaging, but real alignment is still a brilliant thing to see. I’ve never experienced a company so deeply aligned as Highspot.

United by the core company value to transform the way that millions of people work, Highspot’s talented team keeps customers at the heart of everything. It has been this way since the beginning, when the product was developed to remedy a pain point that the co-founders personally experienced in their careers.

Ironically, or by fate, Highspot solves the same challenge I’ve experienced throughout my entire career, a sentiment that my colleague Jon Perera described a few months ago when he joined Highspot as CMO. I know first-hand that salespeople want to win and do what’s best for customers, but they are often handicapped by hard-to-find content, inefficient communication channels, and subpar training approaches. Highspot cures that pain.

The buyer in every industry has changed. They’re more informed than ever, and as a result, they have a clear definition of what they want very early in their journey. Modern sellers understand this dynamic and have adapted to it by making sales enablement technology, new success patterns, and an absolute commitment to customer experience the core of their sales strategy. The companies that follow this model will thrive and wow their customers. Those that don’t will fade away.

Highspot’s unparalleled sales enablement technology fundamentally transforms how sellers sell and ensures a fantastic customer experience. It follows, then, that there is a large and rapidly growing market for what we do – Gartner predicts global spending on sales enablement will double by 2021. The firm also believes, “Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning features have the potential for shortening the sales cycle by 15% or more and improving win rates.” Highspot was the first to apply AI to sales enablement and maintains a significant edge over other solutions. Our technological innovation is one of many reasons G2 Crowd recently named Highspot the third-fastest growing software product in the world.

There is plenty of work to be done in bringing Highspot to the UK and EMEA, but we are building upon a solid foundation of customer love. Europe already accounts for 10% of our usage, and more than 100 Highspot customers have global offices. I’m thrilled for the chance to help my peers in EMEA reduce time-to-competency and quota, and, ultimately, create enriching, long-lasting relationships with customers.

I also need the industry’s best by my side. So, if you’re interested in being part of a truly aligned company that is poised to become an irreplaceable pillar of modern sales and marketing, please join our team.

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