iRhythm Boosts Performance and Sees Huge ROI

Powerful search features, mobile capabilities, and analytics create insight that lead to huge ROI for the company.

Key Results
  • Better seller performance correlated with Highspot use
  • 340% ROI in the first year
  • All sales and training content organised and searchable on a single platform
  • Marketing team has meaningful insight into content performance
Company Size



Life Sciences

Challenge: Content Difficult to Find and Measure

iRhythm develops solutions in digital healthcare, redefining the way cardiac arrhythmias are diagnosed. Though the company is a global leader and innovator in digital healthcare technology, its content management solution was not keeping pace with its own advanced technology and products. iRhythm’s sales reps were having trouble finding essential content needed to win deals and didn’t have effective solutions to search for that content. As a result, sales teams were creating their own versions of content that were frequently off-brand and off-message.

Not only did this result in rogue content, but it also meant that sellers had almost no idea of how their content was performing. Having little or no meaningful data from content performance analytics contributed to misaligned priorities and led sellers to squander their opportunities with customers.

sales teams were creating their own versions of content that were frequently off-brand and off-message.

What’s more, the company had few sales enablement processes in place — and those that were in place weren’t followed consistently. All of these factors contributed to uneven sales strategy and execution at iRhythm.

At iRhythm, we see a correlation between Highspot usage and rep performance. Based on time savings alone, we are achieving more than 300% return on investment per year. Reps are now finding the content they need quickly, and marketers have gained insights into which assets drive revenue.

Peter Alexander, Director, Digital Marketing and Sales Enablement, iRhythm
Peter Alexander
Solution: Intuitive Content Organisation with Highspot

To find a flexible solution to manage and analyse sales content, iRhythm entered into a month-long, in-depth evaluation process of sales enablement vendors. The company was looking for a solution that included powerful search capabilities, ease of use, mobile capabilities, and the ability to support training scenarios.The right combination of these features added up to a solution that would bring deep value to the company. After seeing demos from five vendors and thoroughly evaluating three finalists, iRhythm selected Highspot’s platform as the best solution to meet their needs.

Key features influencing the decision included Highspot’s user-friendly interface, strong search functionality, and mobile and tablet capabilities. The Highspot solution also met every technical requirement and offered the ability to track recipient usage rates and pitches as well as the capacity to remix content. Finally, Highspot’s straightforward licensing model delivered significantly more value than competing vendors.

Highspot brought an easy-to-use, in-the-moment functionality that we didn't have before, and it came in a much nicer-looking format. It's simple and streamlined, with robust search that drives the right behaviour. In addition, the reporting helps us see the usage data we care so much about.

Carrie Berg, Senior Director of Commercial Operations, iRhythm
Carrie Berg
Results: Huge Return on Investment from Improved Productivity

iRhythm has adopted the Highspot platform and experienced significant gains as a result. The company found a concrete correlation between Highspot usage and rep performance. In other words, if a rep uses the content platform, his or her performance improves. A significant part of this improvement comes down to time savings, according to a 6-month survey of the company’s field sellers. Based largely on saved time, the company estimates that Highspot will generate a 340% ROI in the first year, and a 391% ROI in the second year. This is due in part to the fact that reps can now quickly find the content they need and no longer spend time searching for assets or creating their own content that is off-message and off-brand.

With Highspot, iRhythm has improved productivity in ways that go beyond saved time, as well. For example, the marketing team now has greater insight into content performance and can see which pieces are more effective at driving revenue. The company’s sales training program has also benefitted. Territory managers now have intuitive, searchable access to everything they need to succeed from their first day of selling. iRhythm even manages international onboarding training programs via Highspot.

Based largely on saved time, the company estimates that Highspot will generate a 340% ROI in the first year, and a 391% ROI in the second year.

More than ever before, the sales and marketing teams at iRhythm maximise their productivity by storing, finding, and measuring sales content all in the same platform. The company has gone from having virtually no sales enablement system to creating an effective enablement strategy — all made possible and carried out through the Highspot platform.

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