InMoment Finds a Winning Sales Enablement Solution with Highspot

InMoment switches to an easier-to-use and manage enablement platform, positively impacting revenue growth.

hours saved weekly
increase in users
seller adoption achieved


After initially purchasing a sales enablement solution, InMoment’s leaders discovered that integrations, such as Google Drive were still being built and not fully functional. Not only did the integrations not work properly, but the tool cost solution admins more time than they were previously spending managing assets. After failing to realise a return on investment from this platform, InMoment decided to switch to Highspot. In less than six months, InMoment achieved 100% seller adoption and exceeded its initial number of planned users by over 200% with more teams asking for access to Highspot every day.






Clunky Tools and Manual Processes Limited Velocity

With its previous tool, a broken Google Drive integration and the clunky admin experience forced InMoment’s enablement team to manually tag hundreds of individual assets and place them in rigid file folders that were difficult to organise and even more cumbersome for users to search and browse. Additionally, content creators didn’t get any data back on what sellers used most and worked best to engage buyers, which led to wasted time and resources for content marketers.

Without easy access to sales materials, sellers spent too much time either searching for what they needed or creating it themselves, which introduced a whole new set of challenges around message and brand consistency. Moreover, sales reps not only lacked a way to streamline their outreach to buyers – which took several hours weekly to create individual emails and attach content – but they also didn’t get any data back on what genuinely resonated with buyers. Lack of insights led reps to guess what engaged each unique buyer best. Or worse, reps relied on a “spray and pray” method and sent anything and everything, hoping for the best.

When the solution we originally purchased couldn't deliver what we needed, it was back to the drawing board. Now, with Highspot, we have a platform that is simple to manage and empowers our sales team with the ability to find what they need — and get it into the hands of buyers — efficiently.
Josh MaransDirector of Sales Enablement, InMoment


Optimising InMoment’s Most Precious Resource – Time

Though it was not a difficult decision to abandon the first solution they purchased, the team at InMoment knew it would be a risk to start over—but were left with no other choice. Luckily, according to the team, getting up and running with Highspot was a simple, seamless process.

Not only did the team achieve a rapid implementation schedule, but finally, they were able to deliver an intuitive platform that sellers not only use daily but rave about. With new insights into buyer engagement, reps immediately found success using the new tool, which accelerated adoption and created intrigue and demand across the company. This newfound excitement eventually led to a company-wide expansion.

Reps were getting more insights into what each unique buyer engaged with, leading to more effective conversations by providing value to buyers and ultimately positively impacting overall seller productivity.

Highspot helps us simplify the buying process so we can maximise revenue. We're more efficient than ever, which means we can focus on impactful activities that wow our customers and potential buyers, and ultimately grow revenue.

Josh MaransDirector of Sales Enablement, InMoment


New-found Efficiency Drives Revenue Impact

Highspot has helped InMoment’s sales enablement team provide sellers with a single tool to easily access sales materials and deliver guidance for how to use them exactly when they need it. Now, InMoment sellers can quickly find what they need, send customised buyer experiences, and receive analytics on how the buyer engages.

With robust buyer engagement data, sellers can now deliver targeted content focused on precisely what the buyer is most interested in. Further, with more insights into what reps are searching for and using and which topics or types of content are contributing to closed-won deals, Highspot helps content marketers optimise resources to deliver the best content for reps to more effectively close deals.

And not the least of the relief, Highspot’s seamless integration with Google Drivehas afforded InMoment’s enablement team flexibility to work with content creators in real time without the pain of manually updating, tagging, and filing assets. Uploading or updating an asset literally takes seconds. This has created amore efficient process for publishing and managing sales training and content.

As we know, “time kills deals.” And Highspot helps InMoment get powerful assets into the hands of buyers quickly. As InMoment continues to expand the use of Highspot company-wide, it now has a competitive advantage it was initially seeking – delivering consistent, valuable customer engagements while maintaining efficiencies at scale.

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