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Sparking Innovation with Highspot Training and Coaching

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At Highspot, our goal is to deliver beautifully designed software with a spark of magic.

Two weeks ago, we brought that spark to our inaugural global customer conference. During the two-day virtual conference, our customers learned about the best ways to enable their teams on Highspot, tips to configure the product to suit their organisation’s needs, and best practices to strengthen their sales enablement function as a whole.

But that’s not all. We also unveiled Highspot’s training and coaching capabilities.

Why Training and Coaching

Our new capabilities deliver on the promise of revenue enablement with comprehensive content, guidance, training, coaching, and customer engagement capabilities, all powered by 360-degree analytics. Highspot Training and Coaching supports companies in making every customer conversation count, empowering sales teams to drive consistent performance, helping marketing land their go-to-market strategy, and supporting services in increasing customer satisfaction.

Highspot now allows revenue leaders to land strategic initiatives by changing their teams’ behaviour, driving consistent performance. Accenture found that for every dollar invested in training, companies received $4.53 in return. That’s a 353% ROI.

Our training and coaching capabilities allow organisations to communicate and learn effectively in these ever-changing times by offering training facilitators the ability to create a repeatable program, delivering real behaviour change.

A Single Source of Truth

A fully remote workforce means that effective communication is crucial to keeping everyone on the same page.

Managers can no longer walk by and share pertinent information with their teams, heightening the need for one shared location for content and resources to live – a single source of truth. Let’s use the example of onboarding new sellers.

New sellers and their managers can now see entire onboarding programs within Highspot, including each lesson and course new reps will be required to complete. This visibility shows where new sellers are on their onboarding journey, which helps to prevent managers from putting them on the phone before they are ready. Managers can then align their time with sellers based on the skills and processes they have covered in onboarding.

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Sales Enablement PRO found a 7-point improvement in win rate when companies effectively utilise tools for onboarding. Great onboarding programs can pivot quickly based on feedback and performance, but doing so requires an agile tool.

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A Repeatable Program

As life and business continue to change rapidly, so must your training program.

However, quick adjustments can be cumbersome without an agile platform that makes updates and changes easy to accommodate. Dispersed teams and remote workforces mean that change is inevitable. Highspot gives training facilitators the ability to create guided lessons quickly and with ease.

When creating a repeatable training program, it’s imperative to understand what’s working and what should to change to improve effectiveness. That’s why we created scorecards. These data-backed insights provide managers and trainers with progress and effectiveness analytics, directly offering correlations between training and on-the-job performance to help prove ROI or make adjustments where necessary.

Spark Success With Highspot Training

Every customer interaction is valuable in today’s business landscape. Stay ahead of the curve and your competitors by ensuring your revenue teams are trained and ready for every customer interaction.

To learn more about how Highspot Training and Coaching can help drive behavior change and consistent performance, see Highspot Training and Coaching in action.