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A Deeper Look at Company Culture, from Our People

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Great workplaces don’t just happen — they are created. 

Like almost all good things in life, building a thriving company culture takes commitment and consistent effort. And the hard work is never done — we will always be on a continuous journey to create an environment that inspires and supports our people.

While it’s important to persevere, it’s also important to reflect on progress. Today, we are humbled and honoured to share that in 2020 Highspot earned four awards announced by Fortune Magazine:

Amazing things happen when a company aligns on shared values and ways of working together. For Highspot, this takes shape in our 11 Guiding Principles — common threads woven throughout our culture that guide how we relate and get work done. But what do these principles actually mean? How do they impact daily life and affect the employee experience?

Here is what our people had to say.


“In everything I do, I ask myself, ‘How is this going to benefit us not just tomorrow, but a month or year from now?’ By looking at the long-term, we can make contributions that have real longevity. Inventing the future is also about more than just fixing today’s problems — it’s about proactively solving for what tomorrow might bring. When the unexpected happens, we’re ready to get to work — whether it’s building new features that help our customers or finding ways to stay connected in a virtual world.”

–Jeremy Klukan, Frontend Software Engineer


“Watching the company grow from 50 employees to 500 over the last three years has been incredible. Through hypergrowth, every employee has maintained a ‘can do’ attitude. On an individual level, people here give their best. And on a company level, we all come together under the shared mission to transform the way people work. With common goals and a bias for action, the potential is limitless. Highspot’s commitment to going ‘all in’ on everything we do is a driving force behind our continued growth.”

–Lauren Bogard, Manager, Revenue Enablement, Account Development


“Becoming a trusted, strategic partner to other teams requires a deep understanding of what you’re looking at — be it a process, decision, or materials. And don’t stop there — dig into the details about why things are the way they are. I don’t think anything bad can be said about learning more and more. In cooking, you need to understand your ingredients in order to create a fantastic recipe. And in the workplace, you need to understand the building blocks to add real value.”

–Jonathan Birchler, Finance Manager, FP&A


“Successful companies don’t operate in silos. At Highspot, everyone is rooted in the mission of making Highspot the best it can be — which means working together to move the business forward. I’ve never worked for an organisation where everyone is so willing to jump in and contribute, regardless of title and function. A deeply collaborative environment lends itself to new perspectives, fast tracks learning, enhances the customer experience, and helps us all become better together.”

–Brie Tobin, Sales Manager, SMB and Commercial


“Most Respectful Interaction is all about having a respectful conversation with whomever you are talking to. This principle encourages people to come forth with unique ideas, knowing that they have a safe space to be heard, and that their contribution will be appreciated. It also means honouring a job well done — when someone does a tremendous job, colleagues give each other a shout out. In a supportive environment where questions are always welcome and good work is acknowledged, great ideas can flourish.”

–Dominik Schaefer, Marketing Manager, Highspot EMEA


“Open and Real is just what it sounds like — everyone is free to share their thoughts and opinions in an open, honest way. It’s not a license to be a jerk, but it is a principle that encourages down-to-earth, transparent conversations. Your points may not be polished — and that’s okay. This principle plays an important role in providing the raw feedback that improves processes, enhances performance, promotes an authentic culture, and ultimately makes the company — and our people — more successful.”

–Jen Chien, Senior Marketing Campaign Manager


“In our modern world, we’re so often go, go, go — deadline after deadline. Until Highspot, I never had the opportunity to take a pause in the day to ensure we’re not only hitting all the expectations, but our own expectations. When we all work so fast and so hard, it’s paramount to build in time to deliver on the little things that make all the difference. Having Details Matter as a principle sets a high bar for excellence and supports people in giving every task — big or small — their all.”

–Jessica Côté, Senior Visual Designer


“This principle is what takes us from idea to action. While it’s great to know what the right thing to do is, the next step is to follow through and actually do it. Even in the face of obstacles, there is always a solution. And on the services team, we want to literally ‘make it happen’ for our customers — we’re willing to move mountains to help them achieve their goals.”

–Derek Cutting, Services Manager


“I started at Highspot as an office coordinator, and almost one year ago I joined the engineering operations team as an associate programme manager. While I didn’t have a background in tech, there were people who saw my potential and supported me in earning that position. At Highspot, people want you to succeed, and they provide opportunities to prove yourself. This may lead to roles, moving teams, or earning a promotion. Whatever new challenge you set your sights on, you can count on an environment that pushes you to grow and your peers being there every step of the way.”

–Caitlin Duckworth, Associate Program Manager, Engineering Operations


“Investing wisely has both macro and micro implications for the business — it’s what opens the door for opportunities for employees and the company. In order to move the business forward we have to be smart about how we invest all of our resources, from dollars to headcount to time and energy. I personally want to be at a business that is savvy about investing, because at the end of the day it will positively impact the employee experience.”

–Danya Cruver, HR Business Partner


“It’s so important to enjoy what you’re doing — not only because you’ll be happier, but because the results you deliver will be better. There will inevitably be ups and downs, but all experiences can be valuable. Use the lows as learning opportunities, and the highs as celebrations to feel good about yourself, your team, and the work you’re putting in. At Highspot when someone has a win, there is genuine excitement and camaraderie. We’re all in this together — moving forward and making the most of every moment.”

–Haley Olson, Account Executive

Creating Culture — One Principle at a Time

These principles are the foundation on which we will continue on our mission to create a culture of belonging where people come first. If this sounds like a place where you could get inspired, we’re always looking for future teammates.