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Life at One of Washington’s 100 Best Companies to Work For

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Combine a creative culture with Seattle skyline views and a fridge full of snacks, and what do you get? One of Washington’s best places to work.

Highspot has been named one of Washington’s 100 Best Companies to Work For by Seattle Business magazine. The 29th annual ranking was record-breaking, with more than 77,000 Washington state employees participating in the in-depth, direct-to-employee survey.

As a first-time entrant, Highspot debuted in the top 5 of the midsize companies category. This is a proud moment for all, especially being located in the nation’s fastest growing city this decade.

So, what has us loving life at Highspot? It goes deeper than the MacBook Pros and a dozen LaCroix flavours. Let’s take a look at a few things that make facing the weekday alarm clock no big deal:

Work Hard, Play Hard

In between developing new software capabilities and giving product demos, engage in a heated game of ping pong or putt-putt on the indoor green. For the sideline-inclined, pour a beer from the tap during Highspot Happy Hour and venture to the Mariners game with friends. While it’s true we spend hours grinding on projects that make Highspot the #1 sales enablement solution, these projects are fuelled by passion for the product and the motivation to do our best for a company we know is going big places.

Know what’s also going big places? Our Highspot Underdog Sports team – look out, Emerald City.


Walk into every meeting no matter your level, age, or experience knowing your idea will be heard. Highspot was built upon a foundation of what our co-founder and CEO Robert Wahbe refers to as “Most Respectful Interpretation” (MRI) of every interaction.

For all employees, MRI serves to provide an environment where people feel comfortable expressing themselves and are free to think outside the box. Our fearless leadership team is always accessible, involved and ready to take suggestions to heart. Realising your thoughts will be respected means more collaboration, more ideas, and more innovation.

I Left My Heart in San Francisco Seattle

Welcome to the land of strong coffee, local farmers markets, and a music scene out of which emerged Nirvana. Does it rain? Sometimes. But take our word for it, you don’t notice the grey skies when you’re living in one of the country’s most stunning cities. Surrounded by snow-capped mountain ranges and the deep blue waters of Puget Sound, there’s nowhere like Seattle.

Highspot sits in the center of it all, located in the vibrant Belltown neighbourhood with views of the iconic Space Needle. Rooftop bars and Tom Douglas restaurants are footsteps away. If you need to stretch your legs, head to one of the many CrossFit gyms, yoga studios, or waterfront running trails nearby. There’s never a shortage of concerts, speakeasies, and sporting games – the only dilemma is choosing what to do.

Too Much Free Food (Said No One Ever)

Forgot your lunch? No problem. Stay nourished with hard-boiled eggs, bagels, veggies and hummus, PB&Js, yogurt, avocados – and that’s just the beginning. From flavoured lattes in the morning to crackers and cheese in the afternoon, you can snack until your heart’s content. For the “hangry” monsters of the workplace (you know who you are), this is your paradise.

If the everyday buffet isn’t your cup of tea, you can count down the days until the Friday catered company lunches. Barbecue, vermicelli bowls, burritos and your teammates coming together to share exciting updates is a sweet way to end every week.

You’ve Got a Friend in Me – And 100 Others

We’ve all had that moment when your jaw hits the floor after learning the colleague you’ve been sitting next to for three years once lived a secret life as a Cirque du Soleil performer. At Highspot, moments like these are the norm, because here your colleagues are more than just engineers, sellers and marketers —they are pianists, cocktail connoisseurs, world travellers, marathon runners and so much more.

We’re incredibly grateful to be surrounded by positive and authentic people who bring their zest for life into the office. One of our recent Glassdoor reviews says: “I’ve never worked with a team where there is such a high baseline of excellence – people are inquisitive, creative, and empowered.”

And it’s true – our Highspot team is made up of people who not only give their best to the job, but who inspire and support each other every day.

Ready to experience life at Highspot for yourself? Come join us!