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Highspot Announces the Strategic Enablement Framework and New Platform Innovations to Drive Revenue Performance

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Spring 2022 Release introduces the definitive model for enablement success and new product capabilities to equip, train and coach revenue teams

LONDON, June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Highspot, the sales enablement platform that increases the performance of sales teams, today announced its Spring ’22 Release, delivering new product capabilities and the industry’s first model to unlock enablement success. The Strategic Enablement Framework is the definitive model to drive rep behaviour change at scale and accelerate business growth. It is based on Highspot’s work with hundreds of customers around the world, including Snap Inc., Siemens and Criteo.

“Change is constant across every sector and region in our worldwide economy – but getting sellers to change their behavior is notoriously difficult,” said Oliver Sharp, Chief Solution Architect and Co-Founder, Highspot. “With the Strategic Enablement Framework, and our technology that supports it, enablement leaders have a powerful combination to unlock rep success in any selling environment.”

Business-to-business sales is undergoing a tidal shift. McKinsey & Company predicts that hybrid selling – while initially an adaptation to the pandemic – will be the dominant sales strategy by 2024, driven by shifts in consumer preferences and remote-first engagement. Highspot’s Strategic Enablement Framework and natively-built sales enablement platform are uniquely designed to help revenue teams navigate these changes and effectively engage buyers virtually, in-person or both. By unlocking enablement impact, teams excel, and businesses maximize the return on large sales, marketing and enablement investments.

“The new Strategic Enablement Framework provides a systematic and scalable way for business leaders to empower their salespeople to be even more effective in their role every day,” said Andy Champion VP & General Manager, EMEA at Highspot. “Highspot enables you to consistently implement and land your company’s strategy, by ensuring salespeople quickly and easily understand how to communicate your value proposition in every prospect and customer interaction.”

The Spring ‘22 Release delivers major innovation across all core elements of strategic enablement.

Equip reps and buyers with the resources they need

Highspot’s content management and content governance capabilities ensure that reps are ready to engage prospects and customers, and empower buyers to make decisions faster.

  • Engagement Genomics™: Get a complete picture of the impact of content and seller outreach on revenue without manual effort. Accurately quantify what’s working and what isn’t in the enablement strategy with AI that automatically connects buyer engagement to CRM records.
  • Content Scorecards: Get actionable insights into how reps are using content, how buyers are engaging with it and whether it influences revenue. Adapt strategy in real-time to drive better business results.
  • Content Approval: Create workflows and feedback loops to ensure content added by publishers adheres to the overall governance policy before it’s accessible and shareable by reps. See the audit trail detailing when content was uploaded, and who reviewed and approved it.
  • Bulk Actions: Manage, update and govern content at scale, directly within Reports. With options such as archiving and expiring content, streamline the auditing process and ensure reps are using the most up-to-date and on-brand resources.

Train your teams to build confidence

Highspot’s training capabilities enhance learning outcomes by empowering enablement teams to quickly create world-class formal training to support learning objectives, in conjunction with guidance and formal coaching that exist as part of a seller’s daily workflow.

  • Learning Paths: Group sets of courses and lessons together, delivering sequential learning to reps in an intuitive way that helps them acquire the right skills in the right order.
  • Video Scoring Rubrics: Help reps target and develop the specific skills they need to perfect their pitch and boost confidence.
  • Highspot Marketplace: Add professional sales training directly to Highspot and reinforce role-specific skills training across rep workflows, including a newly added package from Sandler Training.

Coach your teams to mastery

Highspot’s coaching capabilities help frontline sales managers drive positive behaviour change across their team and reinforce desired behaviours.

  • Rep Scorecards: Understand rep behaviour at a glance and how they compare with their peers, and drive consistent rep performance by identifying specific opportunities for improvement.
  • Highspot Pitch Activity in Gong: Get a comprehensive view of buyer engagement data, including the ability to view Highspot pitch activity on Gong’s Activity Timeline, to provide faster time-to-insight.


About Highspot

Highspot is the sales enablement platform that increases the performance of sales teams by bridging the gap between strategy and execution. With Highspot, our customers turn initiatives into actions and enable leaders to measure what is and is not working with deep and actionable insights. Companies like Cardinal Health, Okta, Staples, Yahoo and Zillow use Highspot to manage content, train and coach sellers and engage buyers. Executing your strategic initiatives with Highspot increases rep performance, decreases seller ramp time, improves pipeline generation and enhances buyer engagement.

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