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Earning the Next Challenge into Management

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One of Highspot’s core values is Earn the Next Challenge, by delivering stellar work you earn the opportunity to take on bigger and more important challenges.

We sat down with three leaders to talk about their journey earning that next challenge into management at Highspot and heard the learnings they picked up along the way.

Why did you decide to join Highspot?

Emily Bushell, Director Account Management, EMEA: Leadership, culture and a great product were key factors for me. I had worked with many Highspotters in a previous company and know first hand their talent. I thrive in a fast paced environment where we work hard but look after our people. I also like to have the ability to make an impact and give others opportunities to grow and develop. Highspot ticked all the boxes and has not let me down.

Could you tell us more about how you earned your next challenge at Highspot?

Beth Morell, Sr. Manager Account Development, Northern Europe: I started Highspot as an ADR where I was the 10th employee in EMEA. After 8 months in the role the opportunity to manage the EMEA ADR function came about, and honestly speaking, one I never considered and one I knew would put me massively out of my comfort zone, as I had never managed before. That being said, due to the opportunity potential and the goals for Highspot EMEA I put myself forward and have never looked back.

Julia Kuhnast, Services Lead, EMEA: I was the first Service Executive for the Central Europe region and we grew our overall service team fast as we were conquering new regions and customer segments. One year later the opportunity for a service manager role was opened and I took the chance to apply. Having managed and built teams before I was very much looking forward to helping grow our regions and the customer base that we needed to become successful. Also working to empower my colleagues everyday is the best gift I can think of. I feel very fortunate that I can help others become leaders or the best versions of themselves in whatever it is they love doing at Highspot.

How did Highspot support you while transitioning into your new role?

Emily Bushell: It was a very intense period because I was still managing customers whilst transitioning into the role which required me to wear a lot of hats. Thankfully I had great support from my teammates, in addition to the leadership team and wider business that was rooting for me. I will always feel grateful for the encouragement and support I received during that period.

What advice would you give to people that are seeking professional development/ opportunities?

Emily Bushell: Avoid pigeon-holing a particular role or path and take time to explore all opportunities that could bring out the best in you. Be sure to talk to others and learn from them and if working towards a new challenge, be proactive. I tend to look for the person that has a great attitude, demonstrates passion and shows potential over the finished article.

What’s been your biggest learning growing into management?

Beth Morell: Building relationships with other leaders in the business is more important than ever. The work of your team is very likely being influenced by other areas of the business or is impacting the success of other teams and therefore clear communication and alignment with these functions leaders is absolutely essential.

Emily Bushell: More advice than learning. Just because you are a Manager doesn’t mean you can’t have a personal connection with your team. Keep it real at all times, earn their trust and never lose sight of your people being your greatest asset.

Julia Kuhnast: To ask with no fear. To seek support and advice without already being biased or opinionated about it. To speak with a true heart. To know that colleagues always have good intentions just comes from different perspectives or starting points.


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