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Breakthrough Marketers Know Best: Why Highspot Took Home Two Awards

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What two things do sellers and marketers need to excel? The answer: each other, empowered with best-in-class technology.

When sales and marketing teams operate in lock-step, magic happens. SiriusDecisions reports that sales, marketing, and product alignment results in 19 percent faster revenue growth and 15 percent higher profitability. This is just one reason why we strive to develop breakthrough solutions that provide companies with the technology they need to align and succeed.

The success is not going unnoticed, as it was announced today that Highspot earned not one, but two MarTech Breakthrough Awards: Best Overall Sales Enablement Software Solution and Best Content Performance Management Solution.

The MarTech Breakthrough Awards honour excellence and recognise the creativity, hard work, and success of companies, technologies, and products in the fields of marketing and sales. James Johnson, Managing Director at MarTech Breakthrough, said:

“Highspot stood out among other nominees with a brilliant combination of next-generation technology and a well-designed product. Highspot’s 90% adoption rate is a significant testament to their success in design and product ingenuity.”

Curious about the cutting-edge technology that set Highspot apart from the rest? Let’s take a look at three capabilities that we thoughtfully designed to help marketers and sellers be their best together:

Industry-Leading Content Management

If you’re a seller frustrated at searching multiple storage systems for assets, or a marketer disheartened that sales never uses your content, you’re not alone. Up to 70% of content created by marketing departments at B2B companies sits unused, according to a SiriusDecisions report. One of the primary reasons is that sales teams can’t find it.

Take SAP Concur, for instance. With more than 1,000 reps worldwide, content became scattered across various repositories. Sellers spent valuable time hunting for assets or creating their own assets that resulted in inconsistent messaging – a headache for the marketing team. Concur looked to Highspot to provide a single repository for all content management. Implementation resulted in simplification of management, tracking, version control, and content mapping for sales and marketing alike. With the content pipeline operating smoothly, sellers saved an average of four hours per week and enjoyed more effective buyer interactions, while marketers rested assured knowing that their content was accurate and time was well spent.

SAP Concur sales success story

It’s a fact that all sales and marketing teams need a single source of content truth. Instead of files and folders, Highspot takes a unique approach to organising content in “Spots,” which allows sellers and marketers to dynamically organise and curate content while maintaining the integrity of assets and ease of search. Sellers can then use semantic search and intelligent recommendations to find the right piece of content for every interaction – spending less time searching and more time selling.

Artificial Intelligence That Tracks Content Evolution

A survey conducted by Demandbase found that 80% of all marketing executives believe artificial intelligence will revolutionise marketing by the year 2020. At Highspot, we’re ahead of the curve. Our sales enablement solution uses AI to empower sales and marketing teams with the technology they need to operate in a modern world.

Let’s examine how AI becomes critical in terms of content performance. While many sales enablement platforms can track and optimise how content gets used throughout the sales cycle, a challenge still exists. On average, 80% of the content created by marketing is modified before it is presented to the field. Sellers assemble slides from various presentations, add information, and edit assets, which eventually results in off-brand messaging and an inability to measure true performance.

This is where Highspot’s patented Content Genomics technology comes into play. As content changes as it moves from marketing to sales to buyers, Content Genomics uses machine learning to track all modifications down to the individual slide level. With a holistic picture of how content changes, marketers can focus efforts on creating valuable content and sellers can pinpoint the most effective materials to use in specific selling scenarios.

sales ai

Analytics That Prove the Business Impact of Content

Content without measurement is content without meaning. In order to have a unified strategy, marketers require insight into the content that the sales team is using, and sellers need insight into the content that is resonating with buyers.

InsideView used Highspot’s full-circle analytics to close the gap between teams. The shared content performance insights were used to optimise and align the marketing strategy to better enable the sales team efforts, resulting in the creation of effective content tailored to the buyer’s journey.

InsideView sales success story

Highspot uses AI and content scoring to provide insight into what sales teams use, what engages customers, and what wins deals. With this information, marketers can increase their efficiency and sales teams can identify and amplify best practices across the team. The final outcome is better alignment, more wins, and increased revenue.

At the end of the day, developing best-in-class software not only results in winning awards, but in happy customers whose day-to-day routines are enhanced with pioneering technology.

“Highspot’s positive impact on our content strategy is being seen across a growing number of departments,” said Phill Sundal, Product Marketing Manager at DiscoverOrg, a sales intelligence market leader. “Sales teams are strategically leveraging visibility into content engagement, where marketing is empowered by a more analytical and data-driven approach to content creation.”

Ready to find out how Highspot’s breakthrough technology can help you and your team achieve next-level results? Request a demo today.