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The Impact of Misaligned Sales and Marketing Teams

Posted in:  Sales and Marketing Management

Often sought and yet rarely achieved, alignment is the holy grail of marketing and sales teams everywhere. Aligned teams work more effectively and perform better.

Despite this, most companies are still struggling to align the two most important functions that drive business growth—sales and marketing. In many businesses both teams act like two different organisations that plan, execute, and optimise two separate processes for the same buyer’s journey.

Perhaps you can relate to this dynamic in your workplace. Marketing owns the top of the funnel, while sales owns the bottom. This creates misalignment, friction and chaos on both sides which can make working in lockstep difficult. 

So how can marketing and sales professionals work together more effectively and gain visibility on what is driving revenue?

Find out how you can drive better alignment with these insights from The European State of Sales and Marketing Alignment report, which surveyed professionals in sales and marketing roles across the UK, France, and Germany.