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Misaligned Sales and Marketing Teams – The Impact on Sales

Posted in:  Sales and Marketing Management

Traditionally, sales and marketing teams have worked in silos, and sometimes it can feel like both teams are fighting like cats and dogs. Maybe you can relate to this dynamic in your organisation.

Unaligned sales and marketing teams can result in a lack of collaboration, unnecessary friction, lost deals and missed revenue. Closing the gap between the sales and marketing teams needs to be a top of mind priority if businesses want to accomplish shared objectives ensure long-term success.

But what does it take to achieve this alignment? And how can sales professionals work more effectively with marketing teams to make an impact and drive revenue?

In this infographic, we’ll explore the importance of alignment for salespeople, based on findings from The European State of Sales and Marketing Alignment report. The report surveyed sales and marketing professionals across the UK, France, and Germany, highlighting the significant value that sales enablement can bring to businesses.

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