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Highspot and Corporate Visions Partner to Help Customers Turn Sales Strategy into Execution

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Unique partnership enables a faster, more flexible approach to sales training and enablement

LONDON, 9th Nov. 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Highspot, the sales enablement platform that improves sales performance, today announced an expanded partnership with Corporate Visions, the leading provider of science-backed training and consulting services. Joint customers can now use the first-of-its-kind Highspot Marketplace to bring Corporate Visions’ expertise directly into their Highspot environments, providing teams with convenient access to best-in-class enablement, training, and coaching to drive consistent sales execution.

“Customers today are won or lost based on the experience they have with frontline sellers, account managers, and customer success staff,” said Jake Braly, VP Strategic Alliances and Partner Revenue at Highspot. “To win and keep customers, every team has to be equipped to deliver a consistent and differentiated experience in every interaction. Our deep partnership with Corporate Visions will allow our customers to leverage an unparalleled approach to providing value at every step in the buyer journey.”

Launched in early September, the Highspot Marketplace is an exchange where Highspot customers can quickly and easily access content from more than 20 marketing, sales, enablement, and customer success partners. Corporate Visions will harness the Highspot Marketplace’s power and accelerating momentum to help mutual customers elevate their sales conversations. Their six Premium Enablement Packages, 15 courses, and more than 50 tools and worksheets are integrated into the Highspot platform, enabling joint customers to equip, train, and coach their reps to success – all in one place.

“In the old days, training was delivered with a competency map, a curriculum, and a catalog, and sellers received training when someone decided it fit on a calendar,” said Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions. “Today, training happens just-in-time, relevant to the selling situation and presented in the flow of work. That’s why it makes sense for us to integrate our content into the Highspot system.”

Further deepening the partnership, Highspot announced its internal adoption of Corporate Visions’ science-backed sales methodology and skills training to maximise the customer value that Highspot sales and customer-facing teams are providing. Highspot is also partnering with B2B DecisionLabs, Corporate Visions’ research division, for an extensive neuroscience research study to explore the impact of virtual, live, and hybrid selling environments on effective sales conversations and presentations.

To learn more about Highspot and Corporate Visions’ partnership, and what’s possible with the Highspot Marketplace, visit the Highspot website or the Highspot app.

About Highspot

Highspot is the sales enablement platform that increases the performance of sales teams by bridging the gap between strategy and execution. With Highspot, our customers turn initiatives into the actions that sales teams must execute and enable sales leaders to measure what is and is not working with deep and actionable insights. Companies like DocuSign, General Motors, Nestle, Siemens, and Verizon Media use Highspot to manage content, train and coach sellers, and engage buyers. Executing your strategic initiatives with Highspot increases revenue, drives consistent rep performance, and improves rep ROI.

About Corporate Visions

Corporate Visions is the leading provider of science-backed sales, marketing, and customer success training and consulting services. Global B2B companies work with Corporate Visions to articulate value and promote growth in three ways: Make Value Situational by distinguishing your commercial programs between customer acquisition, retention, and expansion. Make Value Specific by creating and delivering customer conversations that communicate concrete value, change behaviour, and motivate buying decisions. Make Value Systematic by equipping your commercial engine to deliver consistent and persistent touches across the entire Customer Deciding Journey.