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Sales Enablement Maturity Report 2021

In the second annual Sales Enablement Maturity Report, Sales Enablement PRO surveyed more than 350 sales enablement professionals to better understand how to improve enablement efforts.

In this report, you will learn how the five key enablement focus areas can help drive business outcomes, such as:

  • Training: Training programs can greatly impact sales rep performance
  • Coaching: Highly effective coaching programs are correlated to improved quota attainment
  • Guidance: Building sales processes and plays to support key go-to-market motions results in considerable win rate improvements
  • Content: The ability to secure executive buy-in on sales content efforts is correlated with driving improved quota attainment
  • Engagement: Utilising data to track engagement activities is tied to higher win rates

Download the report today to find out what enablement areas to invest in, develop, and prioritise.

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