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Why Is Every Sales Pitch Deck Different at Your Company?

Posted in: Sales and Marketing Management, Sales Enablement Strategy

The “pitch deck” is the essential tool in the salesperson’s toolbox. It defines the problem and showcases the deep knowledge possessed by the company and how the product or service they sell not only solves that problem, but does it in a way that no other competitor can touch. Marketing departments spend countless hours drafting, refining, and improving this perfect pitch deck to deliver it to the sales team with pride. Then what happens?

Each individual salesperson (or maybe group) tears it apart, modifies it to fit their specific needs, or changes it to include that one perfect slide that still has last year’s branding and has never been polished by the creative team.

Why does this happen? Because there is a blind spot in the organisation between what marketing produces and what the sales team is actually using. What works? What do customers actually consume and appreciate? What moves deals forward?

Visibility into all of these points is lacking and companies are missing out on the huge amount of institutional knowledge possessed across the sales team. Without truly understanding what makes up the most effective content and doing so with a system that not only organises but tracks engagement, reaction, and results, companies will continue to be misaligned between sales and marketing with regard to the content that is created and the various versions that come to life once delivered to the field sales team.

It is possible to remove this inefficiency with a sales engagement platform and actually accelerate the buyer’s journey with content scored by performance and collateral (such as pitch decks) easily shared and modified without everyone losing visibility to what is occurring as sales engages with customers.

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