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True Sales Readiness Brings Together Learning and Content

Posted in: Sales and Marketing Management, Sales Enablement Strategy, Sales Training, Coaching, and Onboarding

Thanks to technology, sales is now a new game. Buyers have already researched your product (and the competition) and are much further down their purchasing process before they even meet your sales rep. In fact, 64.5% of sales reps have reported experiencing more complex sales processes. This means that your reps need sales readiness and training to be ready for more complex and advanced conversations in their meetings and demos.

In a world where every product is innovating rapidly, it can be challenging for your reps to stay up-to-date with the latest market developments or even your own new features.

To play in the new game, your reps need new tools to ensure they have true sales readiness before every customer conversation. And the key is being able to bring together contextual learning and relevant content exactly when your reps need it — and make it simple to do. Almost 80% of reps have reported that their own internal processes are becoming more complex according to Highspot’s State of Sales Enablement 2018 report.

In order to achieve more productive sales conversations without adding complexity to the process, it’s important for sales and marketing to not only be aligned, but for your sales stack to help reps do their role quicker and easier. There’s no point giving reps large volumes of content to search through; they need to be able to find what they need immediately. They also need to know how to tailor their messaging to use the information and address the concerns of the buyer sitting in front of them.

Here are four ways that you can empower your reps with the knowledge and skills that they need to win:

  • Make sales training an essential requirement before accessing specific collateral. This ensures that your reps are fully knowledgeable about a topic before they engage with buyers.
  • Enable your managers to coach and for reps to do role plays when they need it. This will help build your reps’ knowledge, skills, and confidence at the beginning, middle, and end of the deal process and whenever they need it.
  • Serve your reps with contextual training and content. Rather than giving them everything at once and expecting them to wade through information and learning tasks to find the nuggets of gold that they need, leverage tools that give reps just in time content and learning.
  • Give your managers the ability to measure your reps’ sales readiness. Nip issues in the bud before they start reflecting negatively on quota attainment by monitoring whether reps are completing training modules, retaining core learning concepts, and accessing content at the right time. Real-time analytics and reporting can help you identify issues quickly before they become deep-seated problems.

If your current sales stack can’t help you achieve these four things, then it may be time to consider alternative solutions.

MindTickle has partnered with Highspot to provide you with seamless and integrated sales learning and content. Combined, they provide you with the ability to require your sales reps to complete training before they can access collateral, provide them with the support they need to use it effectively, and offer them contextual content and training. It also gives you access to important data and reports so that you can monitor behaviour.

This combination means your customers have the highest quality interactions with your sales reps, and your reps can best meet their needs when they need it. These tools will help your reps play at their peak in the new sales game.