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Why sales enablement is now essential to the enterprise

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Last week, you may have seen our CEO Robert’s blog about the new Customer Success investments we’re making in 2024 to help all our customers soar to new heights with Highspot. Now, I’m sharing more details about our first-sale teams’ strategy, including new talent joining us at a time when sales enablement has become essential to businesses’ go-to-market (GTM) success.

The public and private markets have shifted away from putting a premium on a company’s growth to valuing efficiency and profits over all else. This sea change has driven sales productivity to the top of every C-Level’s priority list and shown a harsh light on longstanding challenges:

  • 83% of heads of sales report sellers struggling to adapt to changing customer needs1
  • 79% of sales leaders report that the lack of an end-to-end revenue process is a major challenge and 56% of marketing and sales leaders say that unresolved disagreements between sales and marketing slowed down progress on shared initiatives2

Sales enablement technology directly addresses these challenges, which are painful for any business and often most dire at large organisations with complex GTM motions. This is why we’re seeing increasing global demand for our unified enablement platform across the enterprise, with companies like Aetna, Amwell, FedEx, HSBC, Rimini Street, Siemens, and many more using Highspot at vast scale to boost sales productivity, improve win-rates, and power efficient, predictable growth. So, just as we’re deepening our investments in our existing customers’ success, we’re also optimising our first-sale teams to capitalise on market momentum and help companies navigate sales technology purchase decisions.

Our new sales leader for North America

Since joining Highspot in June, I’ve witnessed first-hand the incredible work our customers are doing and the significant GTM challenges companies considering enablement technology are navigating. We must deeply understand our prospects’ challenges and give them a holistic, consultative process to consider a Highspot investment. This means delivering an exceptional sales experience – something we’re humbled that so many companies have attested to receiving when working with us. It also means bringing in experienced leadership who can help us continue levelling up.

I’m excited to announce that Martin Savitt has joined Highspot as our new sales leader for North America. Martin has been a successful CEO and COO multiple times over. He was also my VP of Strategic and North America Sales at SuccessFactors, when we drove four straight years of 100% or more ARR growth. Martin’s decades of experience working with enterprise companies solving hard business challenges and deep operational acumen make him an ideal addition to our leadership team. He’ll build on our reutation for unmatched sales experiences to help GTM leaders across North America make the best sales technology decisions for their businesses.

Deepening our enterprise talent roster

We continue to rapidly acquire enterprise customers and to capitalise on this momentum we have appointed Haley Katsman, our former VP of Revenue Strategy, as our new VP of Global Strategic Accounts. She has already built a deeply talented team, including Paul Martino and Jorge Corrales, who recently joined Highspot as part of Haley’s team. Their combined depth in revenue enablement and operations best practices, experience solving enterprise-scale GTM issues, and passion for delivering amazing sales experiences will help us best serve our largest accounts.

Enablement becomes essential when it’s needed most

We can’t control the economy, interest rates, socioeconomic events, and many more external factors. We can control our GTM strategy. The best strategy uses enablement technology to drive execution and fuel a repeatable revenue engine – our customers achieve on average a 20% increase in sellers attaining quota and 16% increase in win rates. In 2024 we’re excited to deliver these kinds of outcomes for new and existing customers the world over. If you’re considering enablement technology as part of your 2024 strategy, we’d love to hear from you.

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