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Leave No Salesperson Behind: How to Win Together

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If the years I spent playing basketball taught me one thing, it’s that championships aren’t won by individuals.

Consistent winning comes from teamwork — where every athlete, coach, trainer, and fan participates in driving the team to success.

Steph Curry can’t hit 100 3-pointers without screens, crisp passes and game plans. Tom Brady can’t throw touchdowns without the offensive line, receivers and the offensive coordinator. And Abby Wambach wouldn’t be one of the world’s top scorers without space, phenomenal crosses, and game plans.

Sales is no different.

Today a scalable, predictable revenue engine can only be achieved when everyone participates. The key to business growth is consistent rep performance across the team, where every salesperson understands the mission and effectively executes their role. Only then is it possible to win repeatedly, together.

Easy enough, right?

Consistent sales performance takes the right strategy, tools, processes, and execution. Let’s take a look at how to win as a team, and as a business.

The Game Has Changed

It’s a hard-to-face fact — too often, a revenue target is carried by a few star performers. While a handful of reps’ overachievements may keep the team afloat for several quarters, eventually growth will stagnate. The lack of consistency across the team can put long-term business success at jeopardy, with consequences such as:

  • High rep churn and the associated costs of replacement
  • Low employee morale and engagement
  • Risk to your long-term, predictable revenue growth

Now, more than ever before, sales leaders need a way to help all their reps get in the game.

Participate to Win

Rep productivity at scale is what matters today. Success is no longer about meeting your revenue targets at all costs — instead, it’s about realising the full potential of your team and the investments supporting them. If you’re hitting your quarterly numbers but most of your sales team is below the majority of their quota, you’re leaving serious revenue on the table.

One of the primary ways to improve rep productivity is by tracking and increasing the Participation Rate. This number is the percentage of your sales team members who are at or above quota attainment. It’s easy to calculate — on a sales team of 100 people where 40 sellers are at or above their quarterly goal, the participation rate is 40 percent.

It may be hard to measure, but it’s a key leading indicator of long-term performance. The key to scaling rep productivity is to identify what works, and then help your sellers master those winning behaviours.

Level Up with Sales Enablement

Sales leaders are looking to recent developments in sales enablement technology and methodology as a clear solution. To help your reps learn and apply winning behaviours, they need to be equipped with the right plays and playbooks, an environment to structure practice in, a mechanism to scale coaching — all informed by deep analytics that reveal what’s working, what’s not, and how to get better.

Companies around the world are leveraging the power of Highspot’s unified platform to effectively drive winning behaviours across their teams. And with our Spring 2021 release, doing so just got a whole lot more exciting. We’ve brought to bear new robust capabilities — from enterprise-grade training to content management — to help our customers build repeatable revenue engines. The combination of these innovations better position customers to:

  • Ensure reps are armed for any conversation with on-brand and on-message materials
  • Connect the execution of key initiative playbooks to business outcomes
  • Measure content engagement in the context of play execution
  • Leverage previous and existing investments in custom-developed or COTS sales training — read our latest blog for more details

Win Together

Games aren’t won single-handedly, and neither are deals. The strongest teams are the ones that win together. The more we can help all of our reps succeed, the better our business outcomes will be.

To see Highspot’s latest innovations in action, request a demo with our team.