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I Joined Highspot to Help Drive the Next Wave of Growth

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They say there’s a first time for everything, and after spending my entire 17-year career at Microsoft, this is my first time closing a career chapter, and beginning another. Today I’m joining Highspot as President of Product and Engineering in pursuit of what I love most — delivering breakthrough experiences that enable people and organisations to collaborate and achieve more together.

Leaving a company that’s been my home for nearly two decades was not an easy decision. But I’ve always been drawn to tackling complex challenges – and Highspot is exactly that kind of opportunity. Today, sales enablement and Highspot are at the intersection of big, difficult issues facing every business, including driving sales productivity amidst tough macroeconomic conditions and the many complexities of hybrid work.

The first time I managed a team, it was during a time when remote collaboration and onboarding were nearly impossible. I tried my best to work across every time zone to connect with my team and exchange the information needed to support the growth of the business, often to my detriment. But in managing a dispersed workforce and connecting with global customers, I learned two things:

  1. It is less important to be available to everyone at all times, and more important to connect and share the right information at the right time.
  2. People need flexibility, and their technology should enable them to create impact while working how they want, where they want.

These were the lessons I took to Microsoft Teams six years ago and lessons that I will apply in my role at Highspot. Teams became Microsoft’s fastest-growing business application in its history because of our deep focus on customer needs, and I plan to bring this same attention to Highspot’s growth strategy.

Highspot is helping businesses thrive in the varied — and still evolving — hybrid environment while also forging the future of its space. The team has pioneered the sales enablement category for the last decade and consistently proven product-market fit. As organisations grapple with remote, hybrid, and in-person work, providing flexibility is not a “this or that” but a “this and that” decision for business leaders. With Highspot’s technology, go-to-market teams can easily navigate all these work environments to continue driving revenue for their companies. I’m excited to join Highspot in inventing the future through a product strategy that will define the market for years to come.

I have tremendous respect for Highspot’s leadership and will support the vision they’ve laid out for the company with a focus on the fundamentals: driving product innovation and user delight. Leveraging my experiences at Microsoft with some of the world’s largest enterprises, paired with a sharp focus on our customers, I want to catalyse Highspot’s growth journey by enabling people and teams everywhere to do their best work.

In my brief time at Highspot, I’ve become acquainted with its award-winning company culture in which people are at the centre. I’m energised by the “make it happen” environment, where employees are supported, developed, and encouraged to push the boundaries of the perceived impossible. From its dedication to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, to its track record of driving revenue for Fortune 500, Global 500, and S&P 500 companies, it’s clear Highspot is a company committed to the innovation and impact that will transform the way millions of people work.