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How Great Marketers Use New Technology to Drive Sales Success

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What do top marketers have in common?

They leverage technology to propel sales success. New sales and marketing tech is constantly changing how innovative marketers work, empowering teams to organise, deliver, optimise, and provide guidance on how best to use content for maximum impact.

To show you the difference that the right tech can make, we asked real-world users to share how they’re using our newly released SmartPage technology to enable their customer-facing teams, prove ROI, and ultimately drive strategic growth.

Guide Your Sales Team

Emails, Slack messages, sales trainings — so many content distribution channels exist, but few work. While sophisticated content management platforms can help establish a single source of truth, even that is no longer enough.

Today, the true game-changer for content performance is delivering content paired with the guidance. Customer-facing teams need to understand what to know, what to say, and what to show in every unique selling scenario, with every individual customer or prospect. As marketers, it’s our job to ensure that these teams are equipped with not only the right content, but the right guidance, in the moments that matter most.

Trevor Yeats, Director of B2B Marketing at Verizon Media, uses Highspot SmartPages to “easily build customised guided experiences” that allow reps “to browse within specific topics.” For instance, a rep may encounter industry landing pages featuring marketing messaging alongside best-bet assets.

Similarly, Kelly Christensen, Director of Product Marketing at Pitchbook Data, uses SmartPages to host “all of the content from product marketing in one place” alongside “context for how to use it.” Organised by industry, persona, or sales role, landing pages simplify a rep’s browsing experience and put content in context for more effective usage. From there, Kelly explains, assets are “easily mobilised for sellers to use to engage buyers.”

sales guidance with smartpages

With SmartPage technology, you can do everything from matching assets to sales situations to developing role-specific landing pages that guide users down relevant pathways, transforming an overwhelming content deluge into an easily navigable flow. The end result: Your content gets used. Your investments of time and resources are worthwhile. And at the end of the day, you have the content performance data to optimise your strategy and show real value.

Keep Reps Up-to-Date and Engaged

Salespeople who invest precious hours in reading corporate communications are few and far between. That’s why when he first joined Highspot, Senior Product Marketing Manager Justin Topliff was surprised by our own sales team’s high level of engagement with content such as company or industry news. But when he discovered that this content was delivered directly within Highspot — where reps spend the majority of their time — it all started to make sense.

As Justin explained, building guidance with SmartPage technology allows reps to “consume important intel, like monthly competitive reports, within the system they’re already working.”

The dynamic nature of SmartPages also keeps material fresh. As major marketing motions like campaigns, events, or product launches are developed, content and context can be added, updated, and promoted.

sales communication with smartpages

By email, these assets would disappear in the black hole of a rep’s inbox. On a SmartPage, they are easy to consume and even easier to find. “Our sales team knows where to look for information,” said Justin. “We’ve built trust. They know we won’t bombard them with emails. In return, it has yielded excellent engagement.”

Best of all: “I can see the number of views, which validates my time and effort.”

Take a page out of Justin’s book and use SmartPages to centralise all of your go-to-market communications — from competitive reports to company news. Your reps will thank you, and with the increased engagement, your leadership team will as well.

Optimise Your Strategy with Actionable Dashboards

Marketers like Justin can do more than view statistics with SmartPage technology.

Ashish Joy, Product Marketing Manager at Zipwhip, relies on SmartPages for a holistic view of content performance. For his team, drag-and-drop dashboards deliver an “easy understanding of how our prospects and customers engage with content.”

When marketing delivers assets to the field team, how reps engage (or don’t) is typically opaque. SmartPage technology solves this problem by providing visibility into content usage through comprehensive dashboards. This data also fuels productive conversations between sales and marketing leadership, promoting alignment and strategic decisions based on numbers.

sales analytics with smartpagesJackie Lynch, Content Marketing Manager at Guidebook, was experiencing the pain of having zero visibility into content use. “We had no idea what was being used, let alone what worked best to engage buyers,” she said.

Now with SmartPages, Jackie can build exec-ready content usage reports. More importantly, she gets “incredibly useful analytics to help us prioritise future assets.”

Follow Jackie’s lead — take five minutes to build a dashboard for your latest marketing campaign, event, or product announcement, and start making data-driven content decisions.

Iterate, Innovate, Improve

Innovation doesn’t stop with better content, guidance, and performance.

SmartPage technology is flexible by design — there is a myriad of ways to creatively solve your company’s unique challenges. Join us and other sales enablement experts at the Sales Enablement Soiree to discover more insights, best practices, and ways to make the most of the technology at your fingertips.