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Highspot Everywhere Launches with More than 50 Certified Technology Integrations

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Sellers don’t ever stop selling. They are always on the go, and when a buyer needs something, a great seller knows he or she needs to engage quickly. Modern buyers want to buy from modern sellers–and that’s a core part of the Highspot approach to sales enablement.

As part of our approach to adding value to sellers and marketers no matter where they are, we’re announcing Highspot Everywhere, a technology integration program with more than 50 cloud, on-premises, and mobile integrations. It’s the most comprehensive sales and marketing integration capabilities of any sales enablement platform. We partnered with more than 30 leading technology companies, to make Highspot part of sellers’ everyday workflows, making it easy to engage with buyers everywhere they are.

By empowering marketing and sales teams to curate, publish, discover, and pitch sales assets from anywhere, Highspot Everywhere helps sellers close deals faster, more easily, and in more ways than ever before.

Whether from within a CRM like Salesforce, content management system like OneDrive, web conferencing apps like Zoom or WebEx, or social selling efforts for LinkedIn and Twitter, Highspot multi-platform integrations seamlessly flow directly into the way they work.

Highspot Everywhere gives sellers the ability to:

  • Use Highspot on all devices – Sellers and marketers can curate, publish, access, and share content, including more than 40 file types on any device.
  • Engage buyers through any channel – Sellers can share content with buyers and track their engagement via social, email, or online conference and collaboration platforms.
  • Cut the work from sellers’ workflow – Highspot eliminates tedious administrative tasks that waste valuable selling time by automatically tracking CRM sales activities.
  • Optimise technology investments – Plug in to all major technology areas like File Storage, CRM, Email, SSO, Devices, Sales Readiness, Social Selling, Sales Engagement, and Web Conferencing.

“ExtraHop plays in the highly competitive security and IT operations markets, and our sales reps need a way to easily and efficiently identify and use the right sales and marketing collateral to drive engagement and close deals. With Highspot, we’ve streamlined our content pipeline and sales workflow. The ease and efficacy of the product, combined with powerful integrations with tools like Salesforce and Google, has made it simple to adopt across sales and marketing. Put simply, our reps have to love something in order to use it. It has to make their lives easier. Highspot does that.”

– Lisa Weir, Director of Sales Enablement, ExtraHop

More information is available on the Highspot Everywhere web page.