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Elevate Customer Conversations with Industry-First SmartPage Technology

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We’re humans – not robots. A common thread that connects us all is our desire for genuine and meaningful interactions, which is why we’re proud to announce that our new release is focused on exactly that.

Today marks our Autumn ‘19 Release, which introduces industry-first SmartPage technology, designed to provide go-to-market teams with interactive and mobile-ready guidance alongside content so that they can have the most effective customer conversations. We’re also introducing the SmartPage Marketplace, offering SmartPage templates, frameworks, best practices and other expert content from dozens of our Sales Acceleration Partners.

SmartPage technology directly addresses what we’ve heard from our customers: giving sales reps access to great content isn’t enough. Customer-facing teams need guidance – which we define as “what to know, what to say and what to show” – at the moment of action to provide the most value in every unique situation, with every individual customer.

We created SmartPage technology as the first platform to deliver extensible capabilities that bring together content, data and web apps to help go-to-market teams turn strategy into sales action. In the short time that SmartPage technology has been available in beta form, our customers – including Verizon, PitchBook, SAP Concur, Twitter and hundreds more – have already created 80,000 SmartPages.

“Highspot’s SmartPage technology enables us to quickly build out content hubs for our key areas of business so that our sellers can understand the resources available at a glance. We can easily customise guided experiences, giving our salespeople more context for how and when assets should be used.”
–Trevor Yeats, Director, B2B Marketing, Verizon Media

Now, marketers can ensure that their content is used to its potential and prove real ROI. Salespeople can become experts and win customer loyalty. Sales enablement professionals can improve sales performance. Even our customers’ partners benefit – SmartPages can be built and delivered to channel partners, extending guidance to every reseller and channel partner in your go-to-market. Together, customer-facing teams are empowered to elevate every conversation, providing the extraordinary experience that ultimately drives growth.

Let’s dive deeper into how SmartPage technology helps you to turn your strategy into action.


77% of business buyers feel that technology has significantly changed their expectations of how companies should interact with them. With the stakes higher than ever, customer-facing teams need to come to every interaction prepared with what they should know, what they should say and what they should show.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when every engagement varies by persona, sales stage, challenges, objections and more. To deliver the personal conversation that modern buyers expect, sales and services teams need guidance provided by the teams with intel – marketing and enablement – at the point of action.

Imagine this: You’re a seller about to meet a prospect in the medical device industry for the first time. You found a data sheet at the last minute, but being unfamiliar with the space, you’re unsure if it fits this persona. This is a classic case of having the building materials to create something great, but not the manual to know how to do it.

Guidance bridges the gap between content and action. Technology can solve the problem of enabling teams in the moments that matter most, helping customer-facing employees to provide personalised value and become the trusted partners who customers want to work with.


SmartPage technology introduces three unique capabilities – Marketplace, Data Slices and Web Apps – that can be used for a wide range of use cases, from sales plays, competitive battlecards and case study collections to content performance.

SmartPage Marketplace

Providing relevant guidance often requires deep knowledge of sales methodologies and strategies. That’s why we teamed up with more than 25 of our Sales Acceleration Partners to bring their expertise directly into the Highspot platform.

The SmartPage Marketplace offers customers access to SmartPage templates built by Sales Acceleration Partners, including Challenger, DSG, RAIN Group and Sandler Training. The Marketplace gives enablement teams a fast track to building guided experiences for sales training, communication and coaching.

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SmartPage Data Slices

Do you need to monitor performance and make data-driven optimisations? Good news – we combined our SmartPage technology and analytics to put actionable insights at your fingertips.

SmartPage Data Slices offer AI-powered reports and dashboards, enabling automated, bulk actions that optimise sales and marketing performance. And because SmartPages can combine just about anything side by side – data, content, analytics, videos – you can easily build a SmartPage that provides comprehensive guidance for any task at hand.

SmartPage Web Apps

The most comprehensive guided experiences include a combination of content, data and apps.

SmartPage Web Apps easily integrate interactive web applications into SmartPages, powering a range of go-to-market use cases – such as ROI calculators and meeting schedulers – that can take your conversation to the next level.


The heart of a successful go-to-market strategy is effective conversations, powered by the combination of content and guidance. You need both sides of the coin. You can’t use the building blocks without the instruction manual.

Your sales enablement solution should support guided experiences at every turn – from internal sales plays, news centres and performance reports to campaign dashboards and beyond. Most tools use separate features and technologies cobbled together to address each of these forms of guided experience, but at Highspot, we built one platform for many use cases. This means that, once you learn the ropes of our SmartPage technology, you can use our technology in any context. It also means that our team can rapidly innovate. And when we add new features, they will be available across every function.

Our job is to empower customer-facing teams by helping them to understand what to know, what to say and what to show. Content and guidance are at our core – and SmartPage technology brings this to life.

Our latest innovation is making an incredible difference for our own team as we keep customer conversations and extraordinary experiences at the heart of everything we do. We can’t wait to see the difference that it makes for you.