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Discover Highspot: Deliver Personalised Coaching at Scale

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While our work-from-anywhere world has many perks, it can make selling and managing sales teams more difficult.

Right now, only 24% of sales reps are confident in their ability to close deals.

If sellers are unable to close deals and hit quota, they’re more likely to leave. On average, about one-third of sellers leave a company for that very reason. And an understaffed team – or a team with many sellers still onboarding – faces a bigger risk of missing revenue targets.

However, with the right tools in their arsenal, managers can largely avoid this issue. This is where Highspot’s new coaching features come in – some of the many product innovations delivered in our Spring ’22 Release, designed to help you equip, train and coach your revenue teams to success. Here are a few of our latest innovations.

Uncover Coaching Insights with the Rep Scorecard

Many managers can get a limited view into seller behaviour by listening to their sales calls. While a critical source, sales calls represent only a small piece of their sellers’ time. By understanding how salespeople are preparing for those calls, and how they’re engaging buyers in other ways, you can get a more complete picture into what’s working and what isn’t.

That’s why we developed the Rep Scorecard. With the Rep Scorecard, you can see leading indicators such as their sellers’ training progress, content usage, sales play consumption and customer engagement, benchmarked against their peers. With this at-a-glance view, you’re able to identify what “good” looks like and have better, data-driven coaching conversations to help their team improve performance and hit quota. 

In fact, when sales managers are highly effective at using data to coach, they see a 5% increase in seller quota attainment.

Get a Fuller Picture of Engagement with Highspot and Gong

In addition to understanding activity at the seller level, managers also need to understand what’s happening at the deal level. Using our native integration with Gong, you get a comprehensive view of buyer engagement for every opportunity. See when a seller shared content, and whether a buyer engaged with it, alongside calls, emails, and more directly within Gong’s deals timeline.

With a broader view, you can uncover insights faster to help their sellers accelerate deals.

Deliver Actionable Feedback with Scoring Rubrics

Providing feedback to each member of your team gets exceedingly harder as you grow, yet it’s vital for their success. We’re excited to release Scoring Rubrics – with custom, standardised grading criteria, you can more easily provide sellers specific skills to work on and provide personalised feedback at scale.

Thanks to the insights from our Rep Scorecard and Gong integration, and enhancements like Rubrics, sales managers can give their sellers personalised, actionable feedback to help them hit their goals. The business impact is real – when sales managers are highly effective at providing ongoing, effective sales coaching, they can see an 11 percent increase in win rates among their team.

To see these features in action, check out our Discover webcast in the Highspot Spark Community.

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