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Discover Highspot: Elevate Your Sales Enablement Strategy With Training That Sticks

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Since B2B sales reps have a lot on their plate, it’s not surprising to see that they forget 87% of sales training within a month. Meanwhile, enablement teams are facing added pressure to support sellers with adequate training all while staying agile enough to support the strategic initiatives of the business.

In the new world of work, delivering world-class training programs that teach reps the skills and behaviours they need to perform is a challenge traditional training solutions are ill-equipped to address.

Firstly, learning material is often scattered across different departments, systems, and portals, if the right material exists at all. Even if enablement teams overcome this, it’s often resource and time-intensive and it’s only half the battle.

Aggregating training content in a single system doesn’t make it compelling, which leads us to our next challenge. To turn great training into effective sales learning that gets adopted, it’s got to be role-specific and integrated into your sellers’ workflows. Training has to find reps, not the other way around.

This is where Highspot’s new training capabilities come in – some of the many product innovations delivered in our Spring 22′ Release, designed to help you equip, train and coach your revenue teams to success.

Create Role-Specific Learning Paths 

To boost learning outcomes and increase a learner’s chances of mastering a subject, it’s important for courses in a learning program to be grouped together in the right order. With the rollout of Learning Paths in Highspot, you can easily group courses together, not only to drive learners towards a specific goal but also to lighten the administrative load as learners can be enrolled in all courses within a learning path at once.

Whether it’s new hire orientation or ongoing training, Highspot’s native content flexibility helps you quickly create role-specific learning paths to get sellers the knowledge and skills they need while maintaining a view of rep readiness.

Bolster Training Programs With Industry-Leading Skills Content

Training material is content too and whether you’re creating custom lessons in Highspot or you’d like to integrate your sales methodology into your training programs, Highspot unlocks this. The world’s leading sales training providers offer their programs through the Highspot Marketplace, which means you can install skills content to Highspot with the click of a button. Why not infuse your Learning Path for Account Development reps with industry-leading pointers on how to ‘Elevate Value’,  or embed ‘technical demo tutorials’ in sales plays for your solutions engineers?

Reinforce Knowledge on the Job 

Research shows that 70% of effective learning happens through on-the-job application but when sales reps are ‘on-the-job’, they’re unlikely to ditch revenue-generating activities to pursue learning opportunities. No matter how compelling your training is, to be effective it needs to be embedded into a rep’s daily workflow.

One of the best ways to make sure your reps understand how the training relates to your company’s strategic objectives is to include them in sales plays. You can also recommend related lessons and courses as sellers prepare for a customer interaction, for example, why not surface a pitch practice micro-course as sellers search for the customer overview deck prior to a meeting. Sales reps who use Highspot are immersed in learning material whether they are looking for it or not.

However, if you’re concerned reps will miss out on learning opportunities when they’re not using Highspot, that base is covered. Highspot’s deep integration with Salesforce enables you to surface sales and learning content right inside CRM records for additional on-the-job reinforcement. With these tools at your disposal, not only is it easier to train reps with dynamic, world-class training programs but with a unified platform to equip, train, and coach you can ensure your training programs are being adopted and that they are moving the needle for your key business objectives.

Stay tuned for our next “Discover Highspot” product deep dive on the latest Coaching features.

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