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Sales Content Management

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Sales content management allows reps to quickly identify the best content for every customer opportunity while consolidating content availability and performance data on a single platform.  With modern sales content management technology like the Highspot platform puts reps at an advantage, and it’s one of the reasons sales reps love Highspot.  

Sales content management has become a pivotal factor in sales enablement purchase decisions and a catalyst in driving higher conversion rates and revenue.  A primary reason is that sales teams increasingly rely upon content to influence target audiences throughout the buyer’s journey.  When sales content is effectively managed, reps are better positioned to act quickly and confidently.  This helps reduce wasted time and maximise the probability of quota-crushing results.  

At Highspot, content management is part of an end-to-end solution that helps reps deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right audience.  It’s a foundational capability that sits within the larger context of our sales enablement features.  These features allow sales and marketing teams to better:

  • Organise and maintain control of content using Spots(TM)
  • Find items using search, browsing, filtering, and recommendations
  • Customise using Smart Remix(TM) or fully Integrated Microsoft Office
  • Share high impact presentations and multimedia live or via email
  • and Analyze all content, even customised content, with Content Genomics®

A Key to Tighter Alignment and Pipeline Optimisation

In addition, effective content management for sales is central to the closed loop that defines modern sales enablement.  When sales and marketing are aligned on what is (and isn’t) working, they’re better able to manage their content and give reps quick access to exactly what they need, when they need it.  This is another signature Highspot feature.

To learn more about sales content management and how it can improve the performance of your sales team, check out our three-part series on Best Practices in Sales Enablement.   For additional information on how to put Highspot’s solution to work for you, request a demo today.