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Introducing #Changemakers: How We Make Change Happen

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We’re on a mission to transform the way millions of people work by helping our customers drive positive, lasting change across their sales teams. But our power to ignite action and unite people around meaningful missions doesn’t stop with the world of work.

This summer, we’re proud to spotlight three organisations that create positive change in our communities: Food Lifeline, EarthCorps, and Year Up. In a world rocked by unprecedented global events, the work these organisations drive is a reminder that we do not have to wait for things to change; each of us is a changemaker with the capacity to make our world a better place.

To learn more about these organisations, get to know the changemakers working to further their mission below – then follow us on social media for enablement on how you can get involved, too.

On Ending Hunger with Food Lifeline’s Mark Coleman

One of the reasons I came to Food Lifeline was because I grew up with a single parent; we visited food banks and got help from churches and different organisations. When the opportunity came along to work here, it felt like a chance to give back. I’ll have been with Food Lifeline for seven years now.

Our mission is to provide food for those experiencing hunger today, while working to end hunger tomorrow. Right now, nearly one in five people in Western Washington experience hunger – that’s far too many. And in fact, this year alone, Food Lifeline will feed nearly a million people across Western Washington.

During the pandemic, people discovered just how fragile our system is and just how close so many people are to not being able to put food on the table. We served several thousand people who had never ever visited a food bank before. After that experience, they understand what hunger is and what being in that position feels like. Now, those same people are beginning to join us: we’re seeing some of them become donors and volunteers – which is really remarkable, and something that makes me hopeful for ending hunger in the future.

Learn more about Food Lifeline’s mission and impact here.

On Protecting Our Planet’s Future with Nelson Salisbury

At EarthCorps, we believe in the power of people to tackle the most pressing challenges facing our planet. We bring together passionate and hardworking young adults from the US and countries around the world, for a year-long leadership training program in Seattle, Washington. After the program, these young leaders leave EarthCorps with the tools and skills to tackle the pressing issues of our time – including climate change, pollution, and ecological degradation – to create a better world for all of us.

Speaking for myself, I’ve been with EarthCorps since 2009. I was drawn to the organisation originally because of its connection to people and nature. We’re not just trying to repair the land but repair the connection between people and the land. As we continue to increase our presence within Seattle, it becomes more and more important for us to be conscientious about how we impact our habitat – and all the plants and animals we share it with.

I’m hopeful for the future because people are starting to acknowledge how important our connection with our environment is. There’s a growing movement of understanding and caring for our environment – and the more awareness we can bring to that, the more hope there is that we can change our future for the better.

Learn more about EarthCorps’ mission and impact here.

On Breaking Barriers in Tech with Year Up’s Aparna Saini

In the United States, there is a pervasive Opportunity Divide that prevents talented individuals from earning livable wages and building career paths with leading employers.

As someone who worked in higher education for many years before joining Year Up, I saw firsthand how some students were unable to complete requirements or were being left behind due to a lack of funds, support, and access. And now I’ve seen how Year Up provides a direct path to careers in a short time.

At Year Up, we believe every young adult has potential and deserves opportunity and economic justice. Our mission is to close the Opportunity Divide by ensuring that young adults gain the skills, experiences, and support that will empower them to reach their potential through careers and higher education. To date, we have served over 36,000 students – they are living proof that talent is equally distributed in this country.

I’m excited about the future because Year Up has ambitious plans with the potential to unlock exponential impact. Between 2021 and 2025, Year Up aims to serve 28,000 young people, resulting in an 80% increase in students served annually. That’s impact!

Learn more about Year Up’s mission and impact here.

Become a #Changemaker

Put your values into action by joining our #Changemaker campaign this summer – follow along on social media as we share more about each organisation above, and ways you can get involved, make an impact, and create positive change for our world.

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