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Highspot Brings AI-Driven, Personalised Coaching at Scale to Sales Enablement

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Company’s Spring ‘24 release expands Highspot Copilot’s generative AI capabilities for delivering just-in-time skill feedback, knowledge reinforcement, and coaching insights that maximise seller productivity

SEATTLE, March 28, 2024 — Highspot, the sales enablement platform that increases sales productivity, today announced its Spring ‘24 release, expanding its suite of generative AI capabilities for personalised, just-in-time coaching throughout a seller’s daily work – scaling the positive sales behaviour change that drives revenue growth.

The company is also ushering in new advances in content personalisation at scale and actionable analytics that give revenue teams the operational rigour to define, execute, measure, and evolve their most important go-to-market (GTM) initiatives.

Salesforce recently reported that only 28 percent of sales professionals expect to meet or exceed quota in the coming year. Meanwhile, Gartner data shows that organisations prioritising revenue enablement are 80 percent more likely to exceed revenue growth targets. Businesses worldwide have an imperative to embrace and evolve how they enable revenue teams. Highspot’s latest Spring Release delivers innovation to fuel enablement success by expanding the industry’s only natively-built, unified, enterprise enablement platform.

Patented AI, Enterprise Scale

Highspot is the only enablement vendor with patented AI and the first to deliver a generative AI digital assistant, Highspot Copilot, which, after only a few months of availability, has already made those using it 33% more likely to engage buyers. The company’s Spring ‘24 Release continues to realise the promise of generative AI to drive rigorous enablement with capabilities that continuously improve sellers’ behaviour.

Knowledge Check PV
  • Generative AI that coaches everywhere: Highspot is expanding Highspot Copilot’s capabilities ​​for providing sellers with personalised, just-in-time coaching wherever they are in their workflow, reducing manager overhead, and accelerating behaviour change.
    • Upcoming Meetings: Give sellers the tools to efficiently prepare for and deliver the right message in every deal conversation, including proactive content recommendations and context pulled from automated analysis of past meetings.
    • Instant Knowledge Check: Sellers can ask Highspot Copilot to quiz them on material in Highspot to reinforce knowledge. Enablement teams can build formal learning programmes with self-directed learning to sharpen skills and ensure sellers are ready for any buyer engagement.
    • Skill Feedback: Highspot Copilot provides instant feedback to sellers and their managers across real-world meetings, practice videos, and free response questions, evaluating performance against what good looks like – scaling managers’ coaching capacity and improving seller knowledge retention and skill development.
  • Enterprise Content Automation: The Spring Release delivers even more control for enterprise companies with Highspot AutoDocs, which allows users to:
    • Quickly curate, assemble, and customise presentations, accelerating the creation of personalised buyer content.
    • Provide sales with a range of marketing-approved templates directly within Highspot, while giving sellers the flexibility to customise buyer experiences without risking brand and message integrity.
Team Scorecard PV
  • Analytics that drive action: Highspot’s new Team Scorecard scales sales managers’ and enablement teams’ ability to coach sellers everywhere – increasing focus and accountability with managers and sellers.
    • Unified performance view: Give frontline sales managers a single, easy-to-use dashboard for monitoring and managing their team’s progress on training, certification, coaching feedback on video practices, and meeting reviews.
    • Accelerate coaching cycles: Managers can quickly identify opportunities for sellers to learn, improve, and grow, decreasing the time and effort required to pinpoint problem areas, address them, and empower seller development.
Delivery Feedback PV

“Enablement is essential to businesses everywhere because it is the only way to scale winning sales behaviours across revenue teams,” said Robert Wahbe, CEO, Highspot. “While the majority of sales technology focuses on the sales opportunity, we focus on the skills of your customer-facing teams. Our Spring Release deepens this focus, driving accountability at every level of the revenue organisation to improve sales productivity and, ultimately, drive predictable revenue growth.”

Highspot Discover Brings Spring ‘24 Release to Life

Highspot Discover is the company’s annual, live, worldwide broadcast going inside the Spring ‘24 Release to show attendees the power of the Highspot platform, the industry trends shaping enablement, and the Highspot customers on the leading edge of enablement best practices. This year’s webcast features in-depth product demonstrations and speakers from some of the world’s most recognisable brands, including Jamie Cleghorn, Senior Partner at Bain. Cleghorn leads the Commercial Excellence solution globally and will be joining Highspot CEO Robert Wahbe for an exclusive conversation about the AI horizon line and the future of enablement.

Highspot Discover premiers at 9:00 AM PT on Thursday, April 4. Register today to be the first to learn about Highspot’s Spring Release and gain access to exclusive success patterns, insights, and more.