How SkinCeuticals Accelerated the Sales Cycle by 15%

SkinCeuticals found Highspot to better empower the team, from ongoing training to onboarding and equipping teams.

Key Results
  • 25% faster onboarding time
  • 3 hours saved per week for reps
  • 15% faster sales cycle time
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SkinCeuticals is a dermatological division of L’Oreal that provides advanced skincare backed by science. Its products are developed through cutting-edge research and used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medi-spas for both daily homecare and to complement aesthetic procedures. But with a large sales team and limited internal infrastructure around training and content, SkinCeuticals struggled to effectively enable sellers. With Highspot, the team found a robust solution that enhanced the way the brand goes to market and drives new business.


Inconsistency From a Lack of Infrastructure

When it comes to activating a large sales team and driving impactful conversations, training is key. However, without a formalised process and visibility into the impact of its programmes, SkinCeuticals struggled to optimise and scale its programmes. “We were using a traditional LMS where the analytics were extremely difficult to access,” said Tracy Roach, head of education and training at SkinCeuticals. “So we relied heavily on webinars or in-person trainings, which were really at the mercy of our learners’ and teachers’ time.”

On top of its training challenges, the team lacked an accessible single source of truth for sales materials which led to inconsistent usage of customer-facing content. To present the brand and its products consistently to customers, the team needed a solution that could both organise content, as well as provide the context and training sellers required.

We have about 130 sellers in our field and they were famous for creating their own content or finding content in various places. Very fundamentally, Highspot allowed us to organise our content in one place.

Tracy Roach, Head of Education and Training, SkinCeuticals
Tracy Roach

Empowering Sellers with an Accessible Tool

With Highspot, SkinCeuticals found a way to better educate and empower the team, from ongoing training programmes to onboarding new sellers and equipping teams with essential resources. For example, with a centralised solution to equip, train, and coach reps, Roach and her team have been able to deliver new training programmes and content for strategic initiatives like product launches at scale. Not only has this helped in delivering new resources more efficiently but it has also made it easier and faster for Roach and her team to make updates and iterate as initiatives evolve. “On an ongoing basis, we’re having to train our reps to go out and sell new products, which we can’t do internally all the time,” noted Roach.

In addition to enhanced efficiency in the delivery of enablement programmes, Roach and her team have improved consistency among sellers through unified enablement  – from new hires to existing staff. “We just launched a new sales messaging programme, and as we bring on more people, Highspot Training and Coaching allows us to get them up to speed with our existing staff,” said Roach. “This helps us make sure there’s consistency in that messaging.” As a result of this improved accessibility and consistency, the team has significantly enhanced productivity, accelerating onboarding by 25%. “We’ve reduced the time of onboarding to make more accessible training,” described Roach. “Our entire onboarding process is now a 30-day online journey that gets them ramped up sooner.”

Importantly, Roach and team now have access to critical insights through Highspot in order to measure the success of their programmes and optimise impact. “Highspot gives us the analytics on both effectiveness, as well as rep adoption,” explained Roach.

Training and Coaching allows us to give reps the product education and the framing – and also new claims and iterations – faster.

Tracy Roach, Head of Education and Training, SkinCeuticals

Unified Enablement Boosts Productivity

Since implementing Highspot, the SkinCeuticals team has transformed the processes to equip, train, and coach sellers at scale. With a unified enablement platform, the team helped reps save an average of 3 hours per week and drive more effective conversations with customers. “The Training and Coaching element, the asset management, and the ability to equip our sellers with digital assets that customise the buyer experience has had a huge impact on the number of new doors and new partners we’ve brought on this year,” highlighted Roach. 

These process efficiencies initiated a domino effect, accelerating the sales cycle by 15% and driving new business. As the team continues to optimise their programmes and grow their impact, they consider Highspot a strategic partner in their ongoing success. “Our partnership with Highspot has been first-in-class,” said Roach.

We’re preparing the team to get out in the field and sell more quickly, which has made a huge impact on getting people prepared and more confident in their roles. The ability to reduce the sales cycle time by 15% has impacted the number of new opportunities, which are up 36%.

Tracy Roach, Head of Education and Training, SkinCeuticals

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