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Sales Kits vs. Sales Plays: When to Use Which

Sales plays are a useful tool for putting a sales enablement strategy into action. Sales plays pull together content and information to help drive awareness and actions from sellers in an easily digestible format – like a handy “cheat sheet” that can be referred back to as often as needed.

From their simplest form (we refer to this as a sales kit), to the more complex types of sales plays, they all act as effective tools to enable sellers and help eliminate the guesswork of trying to find and use key content and information to drive results.

This new guide will…

  • Provide an overview of sales kits and sales plays
  • Give use cases for sales kits and sales plays
  • Discuss key points to consider before building a sales kit or sales play
  • Review the importance of an adoption plan to both measure and operationalise progress against goals

Download this new guide to learn how sales plays and sales kits help sellers achieve sales excellence by combining “big-picture” strategy with tactical action.

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