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Seattle Startup Scene in 2018

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It comes as no surprise that jobs at technology giants like Amazon, Google, and Facebook have driven an influx of talent to the Pacific Northwest in the last decade. Subsequently, the hyper-growth of technology in the Seattle area has also created a hub for startups. The city is now home to more than 1,293 startups and GeekWire reports that Seattle has risen to the second-best tech city in the country.

Why all of the startups? Well, they’re in great company: there’s no better place to set up shop than in the backyard of some of the most successful companies in the country. Seattle provides a large pool of experienced and highly capable talent available for recruitment, and a great startup community that is renowned for its supportive nature. Inspiration is also readily available with a plethora of local startups who continue to evolve into very successful businesses, every day.

Zillow is just one great example. The company went public five years after they were founded, and since its IPO in 2011 they have continued to see tremendous growth with no signs of slowing. But this success is not exclusive to Zillow. Companies such as SAP Concur, Payscale, and ExtraHop, all began as local startups and continue to make a name for themselves locally, and nationally.

At Highspot, we take pride in being a rising Seattle startup, starting our journey among so many other great companies. To honour the great players in the startup community, we’ve decided to launch our first Seattle Startup Awards.

We want to acknowledge individuals in that embody what it means to be a top performer, team player, and tenacious in sales, marketing, or sales enablement. If you know someone who fits the bill and works at a Seattle startup, show your appreciation and submit a nomination today!

*Nominations start today and run through May 18, 2018. We’ll feature the winners in an exclusive panel with other Seattle area go-to-market startup leaders at the Highspot headquarters and introduce them in a Highspot press release and blog post. Stay tuned!