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Equip Teams With New Content Governance Features

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The buying process is becoming more complex – buyers are more educated and, according to Gartner, only spend 5% of their time actually engaging with their sellers. As a result, every interaction that your sellers have with buyers needs to provide value. And while this is a challenge, it’s also an opportunity. If your sellers can connect buyers with high-value information, tools, and resources to simplify and advance the purchase process, they are three times more likely to land a bigger deal.

But, as strategic initiatives shift and publishers across your GTM team contribute resources, it’s easy for content libraries to become bloated, making it difficult for sellers to find the resources they need and letting outdated, inaccurate messaging slip through the cracks. This presents a risk that fragmented, low-value content will make it into the hands of buyers, which could potentially hurt the deal more than help it.

This is where Highspot’s new Content Governance features come in – one of many product innovations delivered in our Spring ’22 Release, designed to help you equip, train and coach your revenue teams to success. 

Highspot’s Content Governance features provide you with the tools, workflows, and key insights to ensure content is discoverable, fresh, relevant, and compliant – and most important, has value for buyers.

Structure and Enforce your Governance Policy

A disorganised Spot makes it difficult for sellers to find content, creating frustration. Instead of wasting time searching, your sellers return to their trusted assets or create their own instead of adopting new content. Implementing a Spot Policy enables you to define rules for metadata and property requirements for content published to your Spot to improve content discoverability. It can include information such as content description, author, usage labels, feedback owners, associated list groups, and expiration date. These rules are automatically enforced, and newly-added content is hidden from a seller’s view until it adheres to your Spot Policy. Once a publisher updates the missing metadata, the content will be published and viewable by sellers.

Reduce Fragmented Messaging and Eliminate Rogue Content

Executing a strategic initiative across your GTM team invites a variety of publishers to create and contribute content to your Spot. Without a process to review it for correct branding and aligned messaging, you risk rogue content being uploaded to your Spot. Highspot’s Content Approval workflow creates a feedback loop for updates and approvals to help maintain consistency and control over the final product before it is accessible by sellers. It also produces an audit trail that provides vital information detailing how and when content was uploaded and who approved it, ensuring fragmented, incorrect messaging doesn’t make its way into buyers’ hands.

Manage Content Chaos and Archive Outdated Messaging

The Governance tab on the Content Scorecard helps you remove outdated, ineffective content by providing an at-a-glance view into which content is unused, pending approval, or violates your Spot Policy. You can drill down directly from the Scorecard into a detailed report to take bulk actions, such as archiving or expiring content to ensure stale, outdated content is no longer shared with sellers or flagged to update. With these tools, you can more quickly and easily identify content that needs addressing, and as a result, Highspot’s customers can conduct a content audit 75% times faster.

With a governance structure and policy enforced, and your Spot containing only fresh, relevant content, sellers can have confidence that what they share is fresh, relevant, and compliant. But how do they know buyers will find it valuable?

Identify and Replicate Top-Performing Content

Using insights from the Business Outcomes tab on the Content Scorecard, your marketing team can understand how content influences revenue, so they can focus their investments on creating impactful content that resonates with buyers. These analytics are highly valuable – companies who measure the impact of their sales content see an 8% increase in win rates compared to those who don’t. When your Marketing team can understand the ROI of their efforts, they can make more informed content investments and prove the value of their investment for other stakeholders.

With these tools at your disposal, it’s easier than ever to set up a process to organise, clean and maintain your Highspot environment and understand where to invest your time and resources creating content – to ensure every buyer experience is valuable.

Do you want to learn more about how to get started creating a Content Governance strategy with these new features? Check out our Content Governance: A Practical Guide to get started today.

Stay tuned for our next “Discover Highspot” product deep dive on the latest Training & Coaching features.

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