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3 Topics That Will Steal the Show at the Sales Enablement Soirée

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Community is a powerful thing. In times of change, it provides an arena for ideas, inspiration, collaboration and support.

As the sales enablement category rapidly evolves, community has never been more important as practitioners, marketers, and salespeople alike look to each other to discover what “good” looks like.

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The importance of community is one of the many reasons why we’re counting down the days until the Sales Enablement Soirée on November 21 — the largest and only event exclusively for sales enablement. Earlier this year, the Soirée came to Boston, London, and now the series is culminating in San Francisco at Dreamforce 2019.

During dozens of keynotes and workshops, experts will explore the pillars of modern enablement success, top-of-mind trends, actionable best practices. With the Soirée around the corner, let’s set the stage for some of the important discussions about to take place.

Empowering All Customer-Facing Teams

A cohesive journey is critical to an exceptional customer experience. But when B2B buyers have interactions with an average of nine different roles before signing on the dotted line, there is ample room for disconnect. When you have sellers, marketers, services executives, and others interacting with the customer at the same time, how can you ensure a consistent, holistic experience? Enablement is the answer.

Modern sales enablement needs to stretch beyond sales and marketing. All customer-facing roles need to be supported by the technology and processes that equip and empower them to provide value at every stage of the customer journey. To dive deeper into this topic, catch these Sales Enablement Soirée sessions:

  • Keynote: SiriusDecisions – Enablement Is the New Black: Driving Peak Competence Across the Entire Revenue Engine
    What are you doing to ensure internal consistency and excellence in all interactions throughout buyer and customer journeys so that you can build external loyalty, advocacy, and growth? To deliver the best results from those investments, companies must unify the internal enablement that allows sellers, partners, customer success, and customer marketing teams to optimise the external experience.
  • Panel: From Sales Enablement to Organisational Enablement
    The impact of sales enablement spans beyond just the sales function, often reaching areas of marketing, services, channel/partner, and product management. Join our panel of experts as they discuss how enablement can stretch to other areas of the organisation and the impact that can have on the business.
  • Panel: Enablement’s Impact on the Customer Experience
    As more and more competitors aim to bring in new business, organisations must start investing in the customer experience after signing. Learn more about how sales enablement practitioners must widen their scope to encompass personalised, meaningful initiatives that span the entire buyer’s journey.

Solving the Second Half of the Problem

Historically, enablement programs have focused on solving the content management conundrum — but content is only half of the problem. Easy access to assets doesn’t guarantee effective use. Sales enablement must also empower customer-facing teams with guidance — which we define as “what to know, what to say, and what to show” — on how to use the content to provide the most value in every unique situation, with every individual customer.

Modern buyers don’t want to be sold. They want to be advised. Guidance provided via your sales enablement platform helps customer-facing employees elevate customer conversations and become trusted partners at every stage of the journey. Learn more during these sessions:

  • mike schultz, rain groupKeynote: Gartner – Sales Enablement Throughout the Buyer’s Journey
    What are you doing to simplify the customer’s buying burden? Today’s buyers are demanding and hungry for information, and it’s up to sales enablement to jump in and enable reps to give their buyers what they want. Join Brent Adamson, Distinguished Vice President at Gartner, as he discusses how sales enablement can impact every stage of the buyer’s journey.
  • Keynote: CSO Insights – 2019 State of Sales Enablement
    Today’s customers are more demanding than ever. This means that sales enablement practitioners must give sales reps what they need to solve their buyer’s challenges and understand their needs. Join Seleste Lunsford, Chief Research Officer at CSO Insights, as she discusses what sales enablement can do in 2019 and beyond to better enable their reps to effectively reach customers.
  • Panel: From Analytics to Action: Turning Enablement into Impact with Plays
    Creating impactful sales plays and understanding the effectiveness of those plays can be a struggle for many sales enablement practitioners. Hear our panel of experts discuss building successful sales plays and how sales plays can drive real business impact.

Applying Analytics to Your Sales Enablement Program

Analytics has become so critical to sales enablement success, that it’s the subject of not just one panel at the Sales Enablement Soirée, but five, including an exciting keynote from Paul DePodesta, Chief Strategy Officer for the NFL’s Cleveland Browns and the star of acclaimed sports film, Moneyball.

In sports and in sales alike, understanding the “why” behind performance can mean the difference between a comeback or a loss. Analytics delivered directly within your sales enablement platform offer deep insights that can inform your strategy, from the content you create to the guidance you provide. Dig deeper into how analytics can help you uplevel your program with these sessions:

  • Keynote: Moneyball – The Art of Winning an Unfair Game
    Paul DePodesta will be talking about one of the hottest topics in sales enablement today: analytics. The Moneyball methodology has changed the way many Fortune 500 companies work, and DePodesta will be going over how to take that methodology and apply it to building winning sales teams.
  • Panel: Calculating the Real Impact of Your Sales Content
    From knowing what sales reps are sending out to understanding what is resonating with customers and impacting pipeline, it’s important for sales enablement practitioners to understand the impact of sales content at every level. Join our panel discussion on how to measure the real impact of your sales content and what to do with those insights to better enable your sales reps.
  • Panel: C-Suite Perspectives: Metrics That Matter
    As sales enablement increasingly become important to organisations, practitioners are needing to arm themselves with data and insights that matter to their executive teams. Join our panel of executives as they discuss the metrics that keep them up at night, how to get buy-in, and making enablement matter to the C-Suite.

Between the expert insights, compelling conversations, and connections with the industry’s best and brightest, the Sales Enablement Soirée is the event you don’t want to miss. Registration is complimentary, but space is limited — get your ticket today. We look forward to inventing the future with you.