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Highspot Integrates with Microsoft Copilot for Sales to Drive Sales Excellence

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Today at the Microsoft Ignite conference in Seattle, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, showcased the leadership of Highspot as one of the leading-edge software providers innovating on the newly announced Microsoft 365 Copilot for Sales. Read on to hear about the new innovations and our expanded work with Microsoft that we announced today.

Integration with Microsoft 365 Copilot for Sales

Organisations that surface both buyer and deal intelligence into the applications where reps spend most of their time – such as Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook – see better deal outcomes and better leverage those insights. The new Microsoft 365 Copilot for Sales makes it easier than ever to surface the capabilities of Highspot directly into these applications. This helps enablement teams ensure that their sales reps have the skills, knowledge, and behaviors needed to win bigger deals faster.

This forthcoming integration will unlock the following scenarios, accelerating how sales reps engage with buyers and build the critical knowledge and skills needed to move deals forward:

  • Instant Answers Everywhere: Leveraging the generative AI capabilities of Highspot, sales reps will be able to gain instant answers to questions in natural language, based on your Highspot content, directly within both Microsoft Outlook and Teams.
  • Digital Sales Rooms: Increasingly, B2B companies are using Microsoft Teams as the foundation for sales teams to collaborate on key deals in progress, and also as a platform to partner with buyers. As part of the integration, sales reps will be able to directly engage buyers with Highspot’s Digital Sales Rooms within both Microsoft Teams and Outlook. Buyer engagement analytics on Highspot content will be highlighted in Microsoft 365 Copilot for Sales to better inform customer interactions through these key digital channels.
  • Co-Create: Deliver personalised emails, digital room experiences and tailored meeting preparation resources that leverage your Highspot content, with a single button click from within both Microsoft Outlook and Teams.
  • Support for both Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce: Highspot’s integration with Microsoft Copilot for Sales will work seamlessly across both Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce.

Highspot Across the Microsoft 365 Ecosystem

In addition to the newly announced integration with Microsoft 365 Copilot for Sales, Highspot has recently expanded its integration across the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, to help ensure that revenue teams can harness the full power of Highspot sales enablement.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

Highspot is delivering many new capabilities that improve our existing Dynamics 365 integration, including Engagement Genomics – AI-driven inferencing that automatically relates reps’ shared content to the appropriate accounts, leads, contacts, and opportunities in Dynamics 365. This will deliver a more accurate, and more complete picture of the influenced revenue for content, sales plays, and key initiatives that doesn’t rely on sellers’ manual input. Data powered by Engagement Genomics surfaces everywhere in Highspot, including Content Scorecards and Play Scorecards.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world rely on the integration of Microsoft Teams and Highspot to help sellers collaborate and win deals. Highspot is expanding our integration with Microsoft Teams, allowing our shared customers to initiate bidirectional, Teams-based communication directly from Highspot Digital Sales Rooms.

Microsoft Azure OpenAI Services

Announced recently at the Highspot Spark 23 conference, Highspot Copilot is a generative AI digital assistant that accelerates companies’ ability to equip, train, coach, and analyse revenue teams’ execution. Highspot Copilot is built entirely on the Microsoft Azure OpenAI service, providing a secure, enterprise-class engine for powerful generative AI capabilities within Highspot.

Looking Ahead

Sales enablement has never been more critical to driving sales excellence. Our expanded partnership with Microsoft is a key step to help companies bring operational rigor to their sales process, and to drive consistent revenue growth. We’re innovating in new and important ways for enterprise customers to equip, train, and coach their revenue teams to achieve higher rep productivity, increased pipeline generation, and improved win rates. Today’s announcement is just the beginning.