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Twitter Achieves Sales Enablement Mastery

With Highspot, Twitter’s sales reps save time and feel more confident locating content.

Key Results
  • Within weeks, 90% of Twitter’s 1,200+ sales team adopted Highspot
  • Reps now find effective content and pitch to clients within 30 seconds
  • Employees using Highspot report overwhelming satisfaction
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Challenge: Difficult to Search and Find Content

Twitter is one of the world’s leading social media platforms with more than 300 million monthly active users and 1,200 sales reps. With such a large sales team, Twitter struggled to find a content management solution that met its needs. Sales reps regularly reported that they could not find important content and the content management platform they had also made it difficult to maintain an organised environment.

Sales reps regularly reported that they could not find important content … [or] maintain an organised environment.

Because of the poor search and find experience, sales reps stopped using the content management platform and instead saved hard copies of content and sales assets to their desktop. This led to more problems because the content that reps used quickly became outdated and provided incorrect information to potential buyers.

The sales enablement team at Twitter quickly became aware that their sales reps were no longer using the content management platform. This meant that the enablement team did not have a way to provide reps with the marketing content and sales assets they needed.

As a result, the sales enablement team set out to find a tool that could accommodate their global sales team without disrupting the workflow of reps. Twitter identified 15 different content management and sales enablement solutions, including Highspot, and began assessing their options to find their ideal solution.

Solution: Highspot Provides Content Structure and Organisation

During the evaluation stage, Twitter found that Highspot possessed key attributes that stood out from the competition. For example, Twitter stated that an ideal solution would offer the ability to integrate with Keynote, which most vendors said would be impossible to implement. Yet Highspot not only promised that they could integrate with Keynote — they built the integration before Twitter signed a contract as a show of confidence.

As Twitter learned more, they came to realise that what they needed was a sales enablement platform like Highspot instead of a content management tool to meet their needs. For example, Highspot’s Remix feature made it possible to customise presentation decks, allowing reps to rapidly create personalised presentations while retaining the latest sales information and marketing guidelines. This process saved reps time and kept content organised and brand-compliant.

The sales and enablement teams were not the only ones to see benefits in implementing Highspot; Twitter’s marketing team also solved some of their most important problems. For the first time, the marketing team could finally get insight into the content that sales reps used to engage prospects.

With positive feedback from all teams, Twitter decided to go with Highspot. During the implementation and rollout to 1,200 sales reps, Highspot was with Twitter every step of the way to make sure everything went smoothly.

Results: High Adoption Ensures Cross-Departmental Value

After choosing Highspot, the next hurdle for Twitter’s managers was ensuring that the platform received successful adoption numbers. The company’s previous content management platform had not seen widespread adoption among sales reps as a result of ineffective search and find capabilities. However, Highspot was a different story. Reps instantly saw the benefits of Highspot and enjoyed using the friendly interface.

In fact, after a few weeks, Twitter saw a 90% adoption rate of Highspot. This wide-reaching adoption was possible because of Highspot’s implementation plan, which made the lives of Twitter’s enablement team significantly easier.

One of the first ways that sales reps noticed an improvement in their daily workflow was through Highspot’s integration with software they used every day. In addition to Keynote, Highspot seamlessly integrated with Salesforce and Google Drive. Not only did Highspot make it easier to find the effective content sales reps needed — they also didn’t have to leave their workflow in order to use the platform. This provided reps with one content repository storing the most up-to-date marketing content and saving them countless hours every week.

After a few weeks, Twitter saw a 90% adoption rate of Highspot.

Highspot’s adoption did not end there. The platform’s usability, integration, and analytic advantages were useful for other departments within the organisation. You can now find sales, marketing, and legal teams at Twitter using Highspot to update and manage sales assets, marketing content, contracts, and more. This was all accomplished while maintaining overwhelmingly strong adoption rates and positive user feedback across the company.

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Reps Love Highspot