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The most scalable way to manage, organize, and discover content.

Highspot saves sellers hours per week with patented AI, semantic search, and intuitive navigation, plus simple ways to ensure content is relevant and always up to date.

Powerful Search

Highspot’s patented, AI-driven search is optimised for sellers to find what they need without manual tagging.

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Semantic search corrects for typos and personalises results with AI

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Search beyond titles—results offer automatic audio and video transcriptions and optical character recognition

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Search anywhere—get the same accurate results in CRM, email, or social

powerful search

Browse Content with Spots, Not Folders

Unlike cumbersome files and folders, Highspot organises content in Spots—an intuitive way for sellers to locate what they need.

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Filters offer a browsing experience that’s easy to navigate

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Guided experiences elevate content according to top go-to-market priorities

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Preview search results before ever opening the file with skimming

browse content with spots, not folders

Intelligent Content Recommendations

AI-powered recommendations help sellers use the most effective content every time.

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Recommendations are powered by machine learning, so results highlight what works best

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Content that has proven successful in similar opportunities shows up as “Best Bets” in CRM

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Recommendations are driven by opportunity stage, segment, industry—any dimension that matters to your business

intelligent content recommendations

Publish, Organise, and Govern with Ease

Highspot offers flexible ways to organise customer-facing and internal resources and keep them up to date, so you’re confident reps are using the latest version.

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Supports 40+ content types, so you can bring together slide decks, videos, and more in the right combinations

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At the item, Spot, or company level, Highspot makes it easy to control what’s shared with whom

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No need for a reorganisation—Highspot pulls in your content from SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more

publish, organise, and govern with ease

Measure Success

Highspot analytics reveal how sellers use content, identify gaps, and how each piece drives results.

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Influenced revenue shows, down to the dollar, how content and enablement efforts impact your bottom line

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Slice and dice data, then take action directly from your reports

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Track content success even when sellers make modifications—Content Genomics™ identifies variations and attributes them to the original source

measure success

Highspot was a perfect fit for us. Rather than going to 15 different places to find the content needed in closing a deal, sales now has quick access to meaningful content via their desktop and mobile devices without needing to VPN to repositories behind our firewall.

Greg Munster, Sr. Director, Global Sales Productivity, Red Hat
Greg Munster

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