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Tomorrow’s Success Requires Virtual Enablement

Posted in:  Sales and Marketing Management, Sales Enablement Strategy

Sales enablement practitioners and marketers – now is your time to shine.

Right now, salespeople around the globe are challenged with engaging customers. Cancelled meetings and postponed events mean that sales teams everywhere are relying on marketing and enablement more than ever to help them hit quota targets.

Marketing and enablement professionals alike are asking the same question: how do I remotely support my quota-carrying teams? Here are three areas to focus on that will drive real impact.

Elevate Digital Customer Experiences

Customer experience has become more critical to revenue goals, with one study finding that CX will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiators by the end of this year. To get a prospect’s attention, especially now, salespeople need engaging content to compel them to progress through the sales cycle. Considering how an astounding 77% of buyers feel technology has significantly changed their expectations of vendor engagements, salespeople must be ready at a moment’s notice to impress buyers with valuable expertise.

Buyers may be spending more time online, but your competitors are also vying for the same sets of eyes, and capturing buyer attention is only the first step. Your content should be aligned with the buyer’s needs. Doing so allows you to provide salespeople with content that is relevant to a buyer’s unique challenges, ultimately helping them provide the personalised, tailored experiences that modern customers demand.

Master Buyer Conversations with Guidance

You may have great content, but how do you align that content with strategic initiatives and land it internally with sales teams? You need to first understand what your strategic initiatives are and why they have been created. From there you can prioritise which motions require a play to land the initiatives internally.

With your list of prioritised go-to-market initiatives, you will then want to create plays that provide guidance to revenue teams, ensuring they are confident during every customer interaction. This guidance wrapped around content equips revenue teams with what to know, what to say, and what to show – ultimately improving conversations and delivering results.

Think of guidance as the bridge between marketing, enablement, and sales, helping to provide context alongside context. No longer will a salesperson have to wonder when content should be used – now they have that knowledge at their fingertips, ready to be deployed.

Use Modern Analytics to Drive Informed Decisions

Now that you have enabled your sales team with content aligned to strategic initiatives, how do you know which assets are working and which are falling flat? Better yet, how do you know if salespeople can find the content when they need it? Content can only move buyers through the sales funnel if sellers can access and leverage it.

By examining the content your sales team uses the most at each stage in the buyer’s journey, and which of those assets drive high engagement, you can identify the top-performing content for each stage and eliminate content that continuously underperforms.

This data should also be used to highlight patterns and insights that should inform your content strategy, guidance, and strategic initiatives. Full visibility into seller usage and buyer engagement is the only way to understand what topics and content are driving real business impact.

Without clarity into content usage and performance, marketers and enablement practitioners are unable to quantify the results of their efforts and use the insights to make vital pivots. Analytics are essential to optimising content and informing decisions.

Virtual Enablement Unlocks Success

Marketers and enablement practitioners have a unique opportunity to help drive the success of their sales team in today’s ever-changing business landscape. To learn how you can seize this opportunity and become a virtual enablement superstar, watch The Enablement Imperative webinar.