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The Key to Unlocking the Value of Your Sales Methodology

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Is your sales organisation sitting on a gold mine?

If you’ve invested in one of the top sales training or methodology providers, you likely have a treasure trove of proven resources to help you increase revenue – the real question becomes how to unlock it.

While the majority of sales teams have some type of methodology or professional training in place, few have taken the steps to drive change and maximise its potential. Research shows that organisations that integrate their methodology into existing sales processes achieve an 8.3% increase in quota attainment and 15.4% higher win rates.

Investing in sales expertise works – but only if it’s adopted, used, and positively changes behaviour to increase rep quota attainment.

Many sales and enablement leaders feel the pain of watching their investment collect dust on the shelf, shunned by the very sales teams it was intended to support. Humans are creatures of habit, hardwired to resist the uncertainty of change – and reps even more so. Most are focused on near-term quota targets, and in a fast-paced selling environment, anything that disrupts familiar workflows is likely to be ignored at best.

Imagine this: you want your sellers to use a new value-selling framework, but it lives in a separate system. To access it for any given selling scenario, your sellers have to leave their sales enablement platform, log into the new system, find the right resources, and then navigate back to the deal at hand. Does this sound like a seamless, efficient, and worthwhile time and energy investment? No, and your sellers don’t think so either.

The secret to successful adoption of any methodology lies in integrating it where your salespeople already live and breathe – and now, for the first time ever, this is possible with the click of a button.

Introducing the Highspot Marketplace

In the same way that the App Store lets a user download apps, the all-new Highspot Marketplace lets you download Sales Enablement Packages from the industries’ leading sales methodology firms directly into your Highspot environment. Now you can not only maximise adoption of valuable methodologies but deliver the best expertise in every selling scenario alongside content, in sales plays, in training – and measure the impact of your methodology investment on sales performance.

It works like this:

  1. Navigate to the Highspot Marketplace via the Highspot website or Highspot app.
  2. Explore the listings from more than 20 Marketplace Partners, including Baker Communications, Challenger, Corporate Visions, RAIN Group, Richardson Sales Performance, Sales Enablement PRO, Sandler, ValueSelling Associates and Winning by Design, among others.
  3. Select a listing, and click “Install” – this adds a Spot that houses all of that providers’ content directly into your Highspot environment.
  4. From there, you can integrate these expert resources across the Highspot platform, so that sellers have access to targeted insights and training in the moment of action.
  5. Measure the impact of your methodology in the context of your broader go-to-market initiatives, and drive adoption and model key behaviours faster with actionable insights.
  6. When our Marketplace Partners make changes to their content, it will automatically update within your Highspot environment, so you can rest assured your team has access to the latest resources to continuously deliver value in evolving markets.

At the end a day, just because you bought a Peloton doesn’t mean you’re getting in shape – you’ve got to bring that bike out of the garage, place it in your living room, and ride it every day. The same goes for your sales methodology and training investment – if you bring it to your sellers in the moments they need it most, they will use it to help them achieve their goals, and you will realise ROI.

When your entire sales team is executing your strategy and winning together, it drives the level of consistent performance that unlocks repeatable revenue growth – a gold mine indeed.

Explore the Highspot Marketplace through the Highspot website or the Highspot app.