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Get Everything You Love About Highspot Without Leaving Microsoft Dynamics 365

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We’re here to help sellers and marketers wherever they are. That’s why we continue to invest heavily in Highspot Everywhere, a technology integration program with more than 50 cloud, on-premises, and mobile integrations. Highspot Everywhere makes it easy for sellers to engage with buyers and close deals faster, more efficiently, and in more ways than ever before.

Today, we’re extending our integration investments with a new, comprehensive integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Building on our prior Dynamics 365 integration, we now offer the full suite of Highspot capabilities directly within Dynamics 365 – meaning your reps can use the industry’s highest customer-rated sales enablement platform without having to leave their existing workflow.

Let’s dive deeper into four key benefits.

1.) Streamline Reps’ Routines

Anything your sellers currently do in Highspot, they can now do from within their existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment. Our seamless integration gives your sellers an immersive and cohesive experience that increases productivity and up-levels buyer engagement. Sellers can find content, view buyer engagement reports, access training, review playbooks, and create new pitches – all within Dynamics 365. Time matters more than ever, so we’ve eliminated the hassle of toggling back and forth between tabs or programs.

2.) Boost Relevance with AI

Highspot’s AI now coexists alongside Microsoft’s “AI for Sales” intelligence system and displays content recommendations alongside leads, contacts, opportunities, and accounts inside Dynamics 365. Content is suggested based on Dynamics 365 attributes like what product you’re selling, which industry your prospect is in, or which competitor you’re up against in the deal. Sellers can skim through content thumbnails, pitch content to prospects, and view engagement analytics.

Over time, content recommendations are refined based on whether content pieces proved effective in accelerating velocity and increasing revenue in past sales. Highspot’s AI identifies the best content so that sellers never have to guess. This reduces the cognitive weight on your sellers and lets them spend less time searching for content and more time selling. It also improves the buyer experience by ensuring buyers only receive tailored, relevant content.

microsoft dynamics 365 integration

3.) Automate Workflows to Save Time

Our Dynamics 365 integration saves your reps time and helps maintain their account hygiene by automatically logging all activities and shared content to timelines on accounts, opportunities, contacts, and leads.

This allows reps to focus on high-impact work and spend more time with prospects instead of on tedious administrative tasks. This also gives sales managers and other teams insight into activity on the account, what content is being shared, and how deals are progressing.

4.) Implement Sales Enablement Across the Microsoft Platforms

Highspot works seamlessly with your entire Microsoft-based sales platform. We are one of the only sales enablement platforms that integrates with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Microsoft SharePoint online and on-premises, Microsoft Outlook, and OneDrive for Business, in addition to a dedicated Highspot for Windows application available in the Windows store.

Already a Highspot user? Speak with your account manager about enabling your Dynamics 365 integration today!

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