The Guide to Guided Selling

In this competitive, dynamic market, sellers have more to do but less time to do it.

With sales cycles growing longer and more complex, and modern buyers’ expectations rising, the average rep is now spending 64% of their time on non-selling tasks just to stay caught up. This means that when sellers do focus on building new relationships and selling, they need to engage with buyers as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Guided selling offers one way to help sellers pitch productively and achieve sales success. Guided selling can make your sellers’ jobs a lot easier and your sales enablement efforts a lot more effective. It’s no wonder that high-performing sales teams are 2.3 times more likely to use guided selling than underperforming teams. Many elements go into comprehensive, responsive, and effective guided selling, and this Guide to Guided Selling gets you started with the top tips, including:

  1. Map the buyer’s journey and align sales processes to that map
  2. Provide a clear sales process based on buyer journey map
  3. Give them content
  4. Make it easy for sellers to reach out to buyers
  5. Engage your buyer
  6. Ask good questions
  7. Surround the buying center

The guide also provides research and best practices on how to conduct effective sales training and find the right sales enablement platform.


Selling is hard, and doing it well is even harder. We hope this eBook provides the guide you need to put relevant content, training, and tools at your sellers’ fingertips, making it easier for them to have effective sales conversations. Download the eBook today for a comprehensive walkthrough on guided selling and get a jumpstart on tactics that will save your sellers time and boost their success.

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